Sunday, 14 June 2015

1st Rounds of CFL Decisions...

We took the day off to golf with some Bomber & Rider Alum at the Cal Murphy Memorial Golf Tourney today...We'll be back tomorrow folks!

Get your questions into the comment section, or Twitter (@lucmull95) for our Monday Mailbag! We should have some great stuff now that cuts are going to be made tonight around the league...


  1. I would hate to see you four fellows walk in the door for the super Buffet if I owned the restaurant! Yikes!

    Anyhow, look forward to reading your views on the cuts that will be made today here and around the CFL - which one (or ones) surprised you the most.

  2. Jock Sanders was released by Calgary and I know that we already have a few running backs but would you consider bringing him back? He was a nice secondary weapon when he was here and was a threat returning kicks