Friday, 5 June 2015

A quick Day 5

Not a whole lot happened in the eyes of many for the Green and White during their 5th day of training camp. 

Two walk-through practises.  That was about it.  We’ve spent a ton of time together talking together about how important these walk-throughs are to a player, so we don’t need to re-hash that conversation.


The only real note-worthy convo we can have is that the Roughriders took their show about 1½ hrs up the road to Prince Albert.  


Despite the travel, there is still some value to be squeezed out of a day like this from a training camp perspective.  Other than the mental reps and physical rest that the guys were afforded.  The trip up to PA was a great chance to continue building relationships amongst the guys that may or may not be here when Day 1 of Week 1 begins.  Either that, or spend the time on the bus getting their Tinder game right.


To be honest this trip was all about the organization taking advantage of where they are situated currently (Saskatoon) and giving members of Ridernation living farther North a chance to see some of their boys up close.  


As per usual at some of these public sessions A FEW of the parents were into the experience a whole lot more than the kids that they brought with them.  One lady was so busy trying to get a good phone shot of WD7 that she completely ignored her toddler making a run for it down the foyer.  Lil guy almost made it to freedom before mama bear finished updating her Facebook Cover Photo and sprinted over to get him…Nice try lil man, you’re still needed for the John Chick Baby Holding picture! #SayCheese


All kidding aside, it was nice seeing the youth in attendance at the Field House. I actually got to reminiscing about when I was a young kid, and how turnt up I would have been if I had gotten a chance to meet, or even get up close to one of my heroes like Jose Canseco with the Oakland A’s (before he turned out to be lame).  I would have done anything to get an autographed baseball by my all-time favourite Bash Brother!  I’m pretty sure my mom still has my Oakland A’s Starter jacket packed away in the garage in Mississauga, Ont.  At some point in time all the guys on that indoor field in Prince Albert looked up to some type of athlete,or someone they identified as a Role Model.  They may have worn his jersey, collected all his Baseball Cards, or pretended to be him while they were playing the sport their favourite player played.  Either way I’m sure that they would have been blown away if they had gotten a chance to meet that one person.  It’s a memory that lasts a lifetime.


Playing professional sports is such a privilege, and in many cases, guys forget that they’ve really been conditioning themselves for these Pro Athlete Moments for the duration of their lives.  The fake news conferences they held on their own talking about how their miracle 4th qtr touchdown in front of a slew of imaginary reporters, doing play-by-play out loud as they stick handled a tennis ball and scored on whatever cans they made to mark out a hockey net.  Every basketball player I know used to refer to himself as MJ or Iverson at least once while hitting a fade-away jumper.  The difference is that they actually made their visions become reality…A small microscopic percentage of the world’s population will ever make it to play on the professional levels, and it takes even more, to make a career out of it.  


That’s the reason why today was so special.  The guys weren’t just being paraded around PA to take up time.  The guys were up there because to some young aspiring athlete in that rec centre, they are Jose Canseco of the Oakland A’s.  They’re someone that a kid absolutely loves and wants to emulate.  That kid may never make it to the Pro’s, or even play past high school.  But for one hour on a Thursday afternoon, the guy that they were just pretending to be during yesterday’s lunch period was standing on the other side of that mesh.  


They were someone’s hero today...a small reminder of where everyone in a green or white jersey used to be in their lives.  A recognition of the long road they've travelled.

Mailbag will be up later today folks, keep those great questions coming in the comment section or via Twitter (@lucmull95).

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  1. Thanks Luc for the insights. Always enjoy watching, listening and now reading your views. Keep on keeping on. favourite Rider moment was meeting George Reed and Bill "the undertaker" Baker.