Sunday, 21 June 2015

Fathers Day...

We talk quite often about the sacrifices some of your favourite CFL players will be making during the 2015 season...

For some players, there will be no greater sacrifice than being away from their children.

Unfortunately, for a lot of CFL families that have yet to establish solid roots with an organization, the beginning of June means that Daddy becomes a digital mirage confined to phone, tablet, PC, or MacBook; via Skype, FaceTime or other means. 

I'll skip the rhetoric about certain phases of a child's life that you don't want to miss etc etc, because all cases are different.  The one constant in any father/child relationship is LOVE.  

Kids don't understand that their world is created through the monetary gains that football provides.  Love, from a distance, is a hard concept to live by especially when all a child wants to do is play the same game 10x over. 

All kids know is that they wish pops was around for their first Tee-ball game or to walk him/her into the first day of school.
Sure it's great to talk to Dad on Skype at night, or in the morning right before breakfast, but relationships SUCK when they have to be scheduled, and dialed in. 

Navigating the mixture of uncertainties that a football season throws at someone, and dealing with all the emotions of being an absentee parent is a lot to take; but it's all part of the dream.  

All a player can do is hope that one day their child understands that the tests they endured, were all valuable life lessons in the end.

Discipline, Perserverance, Dealing with adversity, and Determination, are all teachings that an athlete hopes his child picks up on.  Players will always want their kids to be more successful than them.  

Thank God (or any diety you choose to believe in) that a father/child bond is stronger than any distance that stands between them, because the absence on both ends is unique.  

Not all, but many of your favourite CFL players spent parts of their Fathers Day on the phone with their loved ones.  They probably spent some time going over breaks in the schedule that they'll be able to fly home in.  Many talked about the first chance they'll have to fly their families up to Canada for awhile.

All of them told their children that, "They'll see Daddy soon."

Day 1 of Week 1 is here.  Training camp is over, and the trek to a Championship has begun. 

For many, the sacrifice started a long time ago. 

Happy Fathers Day fellas. Stay Healthy.


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