Saturday, 27 June 2015


Don't forget to get ur Monday Mailbag Questions in regarding the first CFL week and obviously, the Saskatchewan Roughrider game. 
Leave 'em in the comment section or via Twitter (@lucmull95).

It's been a GREAT 1st set of games. Hopefully the last one follows suit! 


  1. Is it hard to refocus and get back into the game after another player suffers a devastating injury, or when the pads start popping again you get right back into game mode?

  2. Some ProPerspective for us regular Joes on what its like to have nagging injuries, not bad enough to sit out of games, but still have to workout, practice, play all season and deal with it at home?

  3. Glenn is our guy now. Starter reps, gameplan for his strengths etc, we should be fine. I wonder about Connop. With the hit on our CDN starters he will be a fixture on the Dline I imagine so how does he look to you?

    Thanks DJR