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Mailbags In!

Hope you're all having a great start to the new week. Here's you Day 8 mailbag! Some of your positional questions are going to be addressed now that we're going to start looking into the actual position groups, so if your question's not in here, it's because it will be answered in the days to come! As always, shoot everything you want to ask to the comment section or to Twitter (@lucmull95).

1) Last time Hall was here Chick got moved inside some IIRC. Are the new guys good enough that we may see some of that again?


• You’re right about JC being moved inside on pass rush/blitz pkg downs during Halls last stint here during 2013.  I’m assuming that you’re asking if anyone else is good enough off the edge to move him inside on some situations this year… 


Don’t look at it that way boss!  You have to remember that the group in 2013 was far different.  The Riders had a run-plug in Keith Shologan, and travelled with DT rushers T. George OR Jermaine McElveennever both at the same time...They could afford to be more athletic on rush downs.  


Right now (in camp) the Green and White have T. George (#93) who is a beast to handle athletically, and Derek Walker (#70) who is coming off a great rookie campaign and looking poised to have another terrific season in whatever way the Riders choose to use him.  The coaching staff also has some pretty good young talent in their stables that they need to groom.  They don’t need to take Chick at this point (who is their best edge rusher so far) and move him away from a spot where he dominates just to get more athletic…they don’t need to get much more athletic as it stands now! 


Obviously you can’t write the idea off totally.  The CFL season is filled with twists and turns concerning injuries, ratio, and productivity issues.  The new guys like Cameron Sheffield, and returnee Markus White have had good spots so far, but at this point, the team still need to see everything translate on film during the exhibition season.  Also, if they moved John down to DT for certain downs, who would they take off the field?  Leave last year’s league leader in sacks out there and let him work.


Do Michael Phillip (#68) and Randy Richards (#59) have a shot to start in place of X or Levy Adcock, or are they fighting for a back-up spot?


• Anything goes when you have a new Offensive Coordinator AND a new position coach to boot.  Position coaches (especially the ones that are as accomplished as Dan Dorazio) usually want their Olinemen to use the technique that they teach, or a form of it.  Everything from their footwork, to their handwork, to their callouts will be pretty specific, so players have to adapt or risk losing ground to a guy that is willing to try things “the coach’s way”.  


Secondly, not only does one have to adjust to different techniques, one must also learn the new playbook as fast as possible.  The Coordinator just wants their plays executed.  How a player goes about the plays is on theposition coaches, but they’ll definitely be conferring with each other while the learning process is being carried out.   If ANY player is slow to adapt to a new coaching style and struggles with a new playbook, then they’re putting themselves in a tough spot. 


Im pretty sure that as long as X and Levy hold up physically, which they both are, and are taking care of the aforementioned requirements, then they will continue to work with the first offensive unit.  Both Phillip and Richards have very good skills, however they still need some polish, and haven’t been seen in a live situation yet.  And don’t forget, this is a new playbook for them as well.  Some of the concepts are more foreign to them compared to Fulton or Levy!

It’s not just the pass pro or run blocking either.  Things like running in space and blocking up a receiver screen on the CFL field is different than in the States.  One of my former teammates once told me that having to time the snap count perfectly while receivers stop and start their waggles in one’s peripheral can be a rough task sometimes.

There’s things both Phillip and Richards need to work at…


Don’t get me wrong.  If X or Levy aren’t handling the new coaching and playbook well, and struggle, while one of these two new tackles goes and lights up the 1st scrimmage, then you may have the makings of a depth chart battle on your hands.  But so far both starting Tackles have looked good and this is a coaching staff that recognizes if guys need rest in order to be able to play at 100%.

Coach Chamblins mantra is “The best guys will play”.  

Right now it seems as though #58 and #64 are still the best available.


Let’s re-visit this question after an exhibition game or two.  I hope that helps though.


I heard the deal with Reebok is going to come to an end after the 2015 season.  Which company would you want to see as the new “Official Outfitter of the CFL”?

•Well first of all, when that deals does expire, my house will be having the biggest garage sale that my block has ever seen. #GottaStayCurrent #ComeThru

As for who I'd like to see outfit the league and its fans?  

I think it's time we all start to think progressively and give Lulu Lemon a shot!!!! #Joking #SorryLadies

I'm a Nike guy.  Got some Nike on now. Everyone always seems to love their cleats, and equipment, so why not piggy back off their NFL work get it right.

My next pick would be Under Armour. I think that with them being responsible for a whole league, and essentially a country, they'd come with some pretty cool uni's and gear. Not sure how their actual football stuff feels though, I've never worn it.  

Check in tomorrow whe we start to look at the various position groups. Have a good one folks. 







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  1. Hey Luc, really enjoy reading your Perspective every day..

    What are your thoughts on the overall kicking game? Do you have enough faith in Milo and do you think Ray Early could be the punter for this team?

    Go Riders