Monday, 1 June 2015

Looking at Day 2

One of the essential requirements to becoming a CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM and a successful athlete is relentless pursuit of IMPROVEMENT.  Every rep, every practise, every training session, you have to be starving to get better…#TransferrableSkillsToRealLife


Today the Saskatchewan Roughriders GOT BETTER. 


In our review of Day 1, I mentioned that the best resource they will have to learn from is their own performance on tape, and there was definitely a step up in practise tempo (which comes with knowing what to do and where to be) and focus (which comes from knowing what you needed to correct).


As a player, these guys need to relish in the fact that Coach Chamblin and his staff are giving them every resource they need to be able to play fast and be successful when the competitive lights come on during scrimmages and, more importantly, the exhibition games.  They (the coaches) have pinpointed areas of importance on both sides of the ball and are facilitating growth.  


For example, when O and D separated during today’s 1st practise, the Defense spent time hammering away at positional fundamentals and technique, while the offense remained together and focused on play installation and execution.


Its smart coaching!  


Problem:  The DBs have a new contact rule and we need to help them out

Solution:  “ok let’s take time to really focus on the things they need to do in order to play at a high level but within this new requirement.” #technique


Problem:  There was some timing and assignment issues on film with parts of the offense, 

Solution:  “Cool, let’s keep them together and steal time going over corrections and the new stuff we installed so they can just play football when we go to team period (12 on 12).


All this may seem like the coaches are going out of their way but it’s the exact opposite.  This staff understands that in order to get the best evaluation of talent, they need the guys to be playing with speed and confidence.  That doesn’t happen if the basic understanding of what needs to be done isn’t there.  It’s called “paralysis by analysis,” if the player is out there thinking too much about what the call is, and what he needs to do, then the player isn’t fully focused on WINNING THE REP, and he’s wasting the play.


There’s plenty of time for padded practises and “inside run” periods.  Kudos to this staff for taking the time to set the base.  They’ll benefit in the long run.  

It’s on the players now to take advantage of the extra teach time and apply it in their performance, and it looked like guys were starting to get it.


Now guys need to re-focus and once again find ways to IMPROVE.  Build on the positives and seek out and correct the negatives.  Can’t be satisfied with a better day, you have to put it all in the rear view mirror and keep getting better.  The ones that do will be here on Day 1 of week 1.  The ones that aren’t here can take some solace in the fact that at least they got to leave their best on film.  Sometimes it’s not good enough, but at least you were given the opportunity to be at your best.


Day 3 will be better than day 2, it has to be.  It’s the relentless pursuit of improvement.



Avon Cobourne works as hard at being a coach as he did at being a player.  Full of energy and doesn’t let guys take plays off.  It’s good to see him applying his passions to the guys.


The DBs worked hard and long at really zeroing in on WRs hip movement, as well as timing against their receiver keys, such as reacting only when the receivers hands begin to go up.  It’s clear that nobody is stressing the rule change, they’re stressing techniques.  For what it’s worth, nobody really seems that bothered by it at this point. 


#13 Telvion Clark had another impressive day, even added a pick during reps vs the offense. He is so fluid mechanically.  He’s got the hips and feet of a DB.  Can’t wait to see him in live action.  Jeff Knox #49 had a great day as well.  Like Clark, he has great feet, and you can tell he’s really starting to understand the drops and coverage aspects of the defense he’s trying to be a part of.  There’s a great battle brewing with those two.


With all the new things going on defensively, the communication on that side of the ball has been OUTSTANDING.  It makes it so easy for a new guy like #95 Rory Connop to get in there and compete when everyone is ensuring that the entire unit is on the same page.


Every time I looked over to watch Corey Watman, he was doing something great.  He had a good day in the 1 on 1 pass pro drills and did a nice all-around job during team drills.  It doesn’t matter what group you’re with, it only matters what you do with your chances.  Watman seems to be coming along, and is up to the challenge for the Centre spot.


I think Derek Walker is going to have a hell of a year in whatever roll that they give him.  He’s quick off the ball and really active as a pass rusher.  Never gets his feet “stuck in the mud” and stays in his pass rush lanes.  You never want to sacrifice your gap integrity while rushing the QB and he is always aware of his positioning in relation with the rest of the Dline.


I’m going to start a hashtag #JohnChickJustBeingJohnChick.  He’s all over the field. 


Starting to see more from the receiving group now that they’ve watched some film and gone through some adjustments.  Guys are getting open more often, and they ran routes with much more confidence than Day 1.


We’ll have your Twitter Questions posted in the morning.  Thanks for stopping by folks.


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