Wednesday, 10 June 2015

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Hope everyone's well out in the world...Here's the 9th instalment of our #ProPerspective Mailbag. We're going to keep this going during the season. Maybe pick a day and just knock out a ton of questions...As always, hope the answers to these questions help you out.

Should the Riders bring in Rennie Curran to fill the void at the LB position?

• The front office needs to see what they have in the guy’s they’ve brought in before taking a serious look at Curran.  They don’t even know if there’s a void to fill yet!  Curran’s a proven commodity in the CFL but right now there’s no rush to get him, and the asking price is probably steeper than the organization is willing (or able) to pay.  
The longer he is out there, the less leverage he has in terms of contract demands, and eventually, if he wants to, he’ll land in a spot for a fair price.  All the teams in the league are focused on their guys right now.  If a team realizes that they don’t have the player they want at a LB position or someone hasn't met expectation, then something may transpire with Curran, but right now the Green and White have to evaluate talent that's in house.


What is the best pre-game meal a player can have?


• That differs from guy to guy, and I don’t know the necessary science behind what one should eat, and why.  I was religious with what I ate during the night before a game.  The group of guys that I hung with would ALWAYS hit The Keg up and order the same thing every week.  Mine was the Rib Steak cooked medium rare with a spinach salad w/ goat cheese, and a side of asparagus with some sort of potato.  I would always have to tell the waitress that I knew that the Rib Steak doesn’t normally come with those sides, and it was ok because, “I order the same thing at every Keg, and the waitress just charges extra.”  Every…time.

Athletes are creatures of habit so whatever it is that your favourite player likes to eat before they battle it out, that meal has been tried and tested for years.  

Some guys have to eat as healthy as possible, and some guys just eat whatever.  When I played for SK, I was always amazed that our best player without a shadow of a doubt, ate chicken wings and pizza before the game.  Pizza and wings folks.  And he was the best player on the field.  Ridiculous haha!!!


What’s the best advice that you can give a young athlete that dreams of being a pro one day.


• 1)  Control the things you can control…Work ethic, practice habits, and attitude are characteristics that you are responsible for.  The rest is just noise.
• 2)  Be yourself, everyone else is taken.  An old coach used to preach this to us.  You’re the best you that’s out there, and the game needs you, more than you need the game.



Am I correct in my understanding that the Juniors at the camp this year cannot be signed to contracts, that they have to first go through a future draft?


• I’m going to get an ‘official and accurate’ answer to that and post it in tomorrow’s mailbag, but for now, here’s what a friend of mine who works in the CFL thinks.
Depending on age, a team can keep two JRs on the Practice Roster, and those JRs are still eligible to play with their club team.  They then go through the draft or that team can sign them.  

In the instance of the Riders, this was the similar path that Dan Clark and Zach Evans followed…seemed to work out for everyone involved!

Make sure you've checked out our positional review posted this morning on the WR group at camp. 

See ya'll tomorrow. 


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  1. In the obituary this week for CFL Hall of Fame middle linebacker Wayne Harris, it mentions that when Eskimo great Dan Kepley first came up to the CFL he asked who the best linebacker was. When told it was Harris, he got film on him and studied his play. Kepley ended up in the Hall of Fame.

    My question: Do players, especially ones new to the CFL, spend any significant amount of time doing film study of current or past CFL star players who play their position? For example, would a new linebacker be wise to study the play of guys like Adam Bighill and Sol Eliminian? (Or, for example, if you are a new receiver, study tape on a Rider great like Don Narcisse or more recently, Andy Fantuz etc.). Also, is the technology such that players can get easy access to film of CFL stars past and present to study their technique?

    Old Hank