Sunday, 21 June 2015

Mailbag Mondays

Routines are important in pro sports so now that the 2015 CFL season is underway, we're going to get into a routine here at #ProPerspective.  

From here on out, we're going to be using Monday to answer all the Mailbag questions that accumulate during the week, and after the full slate of games. 

You can leave your questions here  in the comment section of any day, or on Twitter via @lucmull95.

For now, here's some questions we got after the final pre-season game and after cutdown.

Can't wait for Week 1 to commence. Have a great week folks. 

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Pierzchalski cut (In SK)?!? WTF!!!

That was probably one of the harder decisions made by the staff.  Pierzchalski had a good camp and looked ready to contribute in some way.  He'll be a great addition to the Ottawa franchise and will help out right away with Matt Carter being on that 6-game injury list.  Good for him for not taking a practice roster spot.  It was the smart move for him seeing as there'd be teams wanting his services. 
I know a lot of people are upset about this one but there were a couple of factors in play here that may have pushed the front office to go the way they did.  Pierzchalski played in the slot, and after Getz and Dress; Demski and Smith weren't going anywhere.  The other problem was that Pierzchalski wasn't lining up at the Wide spots where Bagg and Smith play; speedster Korey Williams may figure into that back-up role. 
There isn't going to be a lot of room on this 42 man roster to bring a boat load of WRs due to some of the concerns at other positions on the team.  Guys who are capable of producing at multiple spots are going to get the nod, and guys like Demski, Smith, or even Steven Miller are going to figure into a lot more of the playbook than Pierzchalski may have.  
That being said, the issue I see with APs release is that the Riders lose a young Canadian that would have contributed on special teams at the very least.  Hopefully Alex Carroll stick around and works out for the Green and White.  
Never be surprised in this business.  Teams can't base their decisions on "what ifs" and have to deal in the "now". I'm just happy the Pierzchalski landed in a spot that he'll be happy with. 

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What are your thoughts on the Paul Woldu release?

Paul's one of the most professional guys to ever grace the CFL.  I've known him for a long time now, and nothing was more important to him than playing for his home town team, and giving back to his community through the resources that he was afforded as a professional athlete.   Players can only hope to be looked at in the same light that people see Paul in; he's a once-in-a-lifetime guy.
I was sad to see Woldu's name come up on the transaction list knowing how much he cares about this Province and the Riders.  When a player of Paul's calibre, on and off the field, gets released it reminds one of how sh*tty this business is.  I wish a guy like Paul Woldu could play forever.  The CFLs a better league with guys like him in it.

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Should Ridernation be concerned that the team went 0-2 in the Pre-Season?

• Absolutely not! It would be nice to get a win during the pre-season, and obviously teams want their main guys to get through healthy, but the main focus of pre-season is evaluation.  If fans of a certain team really to gauge their teams potential based on score then one could take the totals, while the 1st stringers were in, as a measuring stick...
For Instance: SSK was up 19-12 on CGY before the 2nd string started rolling...
I'd advise against that as well though.  The playbooks are so vanilla on either side of the ball during these games that there's really no emphasis on situational football, other than personnel groupings on down and distances. 


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  1. I think I speak for many fans in Rider Nation when I state that your insights into the the Riders and the CFL can only increase the football intelligence of the fan base and I look forward to your comments throughout the season. You are indeed our Yoda in a Rider shirt.

  2. I have heard many scouts and general managers talk about drafting a smart quarterback, and others talk about having a quarterback with incredible talent. I know you would love your quarterback to have both sides. My question is would you rather take a quarterback with incredible game knowledge and decent talent or a quarterback with incredible talent but a mediocre knowledge of the game.

  3. What is the definition of a starter for purposes of determining the requirement for 7 National starters?