Friday, 5 June 2015

Mailbags in!

Only 2 questions in the mailbag today, and I'm not surprised...We've gone through a TON of information already and figured soon questions would dissipate until the 1st week was through, and we got close to the Exhibition Season.

Keep em coming though folks...You can leave your questions in the comment section or shoot them through Twitter at @lucmull95!

1) What's the most important thing for a rookie to do during these mock games that teams are doing?

•Well I'm assuming you meant to impress evaluators, because otherwise I would say don't be late to practice!!!
The real answer to that is simple...
The coaches need to see that you know your playbook.  It doesn't matter how skilled or how impressive of an athlete you are.  If the coaches can't trust that you are going to be in the right place and doing the right thing, they can't trust you to be accountable to the other 11 guys on the field.

2) Is Spencer Moore going to be the Starting Full Back on week 1?

• So far Moore (#88) has been running with the 1s when they've deployed a formation that involves a Fullback Body.  The FB will definitely be used in a more athletic role this year (or so it seems) and that will benefit Moore because he's far better suited as a pass catching TE threat than a blocker who is married to the edges of the Oline.  When he does block, he'll have to work hard to stay low and be the aggressor (whether on the line or in protection). He still has the tendency to play high vs. an oncoming blitzer or LB, and sometimes one ends up catching or absorbing the impact rather than meeting it with force.  A FB is no different from an Olineman when it comes to pass pro.  They have to fight to keep their hands inside and their pads down. 
The upside to Moore is awesome.  He's a big guy that can run a solid route and catch the rock.  He's not a one-dimensional guy, and that will always play on the minds of coordinators when considering personnel that they want to deploy.  His immediate competition is Matt Rea and Scott McHenry who both have their own distinct qualities, but so far he's been getting all of the 1st team snaps from that position.  

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