Friday, 12 June 2015

Mailbags In

As promised, here are a couple of the questions that we didn't get to yesterday. Enjoy the pre-season action everyone! 

Now that we are starting to see roster cuts, how tough is it for the guys that get cut to deal with the disappointment, while at the same time trying to get picked up by another team.

• That`s a great question.  There`s a myriad of reasons as to why and how guys get released in pro sports, and none of them are easy to deal with.  In the situation you`re speaking of, a guy who is trying to get picked up by another squad needs to jump back on the horse as soon as possible, because that call can come from your agent at any time!


The first thing one has to do is call his agent.  Let him do the heavy lifting, that`s what an agent`s for.  Agents know the lay of the land, and they`ll call the first teams that are in need of their players services.


Second.  Let it all soak in, and review.  When the GM or Coach released the player, they most likely gave them a reason why.  Some GMs are more detailed than others but anything will help.  There is no way around the empty feeling of being released, but the least one can do is come to terms with it and attack the future.  There’s all type of things that could run through one’s mind here, depending on their age and experience.  Thoughts of doubt, retirement, getting a real job, regret, anger, etc etc.  One could feel all of those…But one also has to let it go.  One can’t help themselves if they’re lost in their feelings.  If a player feels like there was a hole in his game that lead to his misfortune, the player needs to start figuring out how to fix that hole.  If it was entirely a numbers game, then the player can’t control that and thinking about it past a day isn’t already stalling one’s efforts to get re-signed.   


Third.  The waiting game.  This is the worst part of being a professional athlete.  One has placed the future of their career in the hands of his trusted agent (Or done the work himself if they didn’t have an agent), there’s nothing one can do now than wait for that call.  It’s the brutal unknown.  It’s hard to continue training when the unknown seems so daunting, however, one needs to be in top shape if that phone does go off.  They’ve got to stay hungry.  I’ve seen guys get released in camp, and re back on a team the next day.  There’s been guys who’ve had to wait a few weeks to get back in a locker room.  I’ve also seen it where onenever comes back…It’s a tough business.


One can’t focus on the past, and things that are out of their control.  Being let go is the toughest part of the business because you truly can’t predict how or when it will happen.  The best thing a guy can do for himself if they’re trying to get picked up is stay in the best shape of their lives and do everything that they can control in order to get back.  The hardest part is the wait…one has to evaluate how long they want to put the rest of their life on hold.


 Do players, especially ones new to the CFL, spend any significant amount of time doing film study of current or past CFL star players who play their position? For example, would a new linebacker be wise to study the play of guys like Adam Bighill and Sol Eliminian? (Or, for example, if you are a new receiver, study tape on a Rider great like Don Narcisse or more recently, Andy Fantuz etc.). 

Also, is the technology such that players can get easy access to film of CFL stars past and present to study their technique?


• If a player is studying an actual player, and trying to get a feel for how that player plays the game or how they react in certain situations, then that film will need to be as current as possible.  If a young man wants to be the next Adam Bighill, then one needs to see Adam Bighill playing against, and in, the same situations that player will be in when the time comes.  

If a guy envisions himself as the next Andy Fantuz and wants to run a corner-post like him, then that film can be taken from whatever year the player thinks Andy ran his corner-post the best.  Basically what I’m saying is that all film is good film as long as one knows what they are looking to accomplish.  


• The technology these guys have available to them is unreal!  As long as it’s been recorded and the team the player is on can access it, then anything goes.  With today’s technology players can watch film on their tablet, Macbook, PC, or phone.  It’s so much easier than getting a dvd done up (which you can still do).


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  1. Can you explain the experience of being a player going into the first preseason game knowing that dozens of players are going to be released in the next few weeks and depending on your performance you may well be one of them. Your chance to stand out could be limited> For example if you are a DB do you take a chance and step in front of a pass to try for an INT which you may not make and could be burned for 6, or just make the safe play and go for the tackle?