Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Mails In!

Camps have come to a close all over the CFL by now, and we're going to be getting more interactive with this mailbag. Starting today.
A few questions went unanswered in this edition because some things we'll post here in the coming days are topics that will answer those inquiries. 
Hope what you get here helps...
Talk soon.

Now that camp is coming to a close, what’s the toughest adjustment for a new player to a CFL team?


• The toughest part of coming out of camp is finding a place to stay during the season.  In the bigger cities, proximity and transportation to team facilities is crucial.  It’s hard to look for spots when you have no clue about where you are in relation to the things you’ll need to get to.  When onedoes start narrowing down potential digsmoney obviously comes into play.  Nobody wants to live in squalor for 6 months, but at the same time most guys don’t want to get hit on the head just to live comfortably.  The cost of living in every city has dramatically increased.  These days one can’t seem to find a decent bachelor pad to rent for under a 1000/month.  One of the common ways that new CFLer’s go about finding a temporary home, is to band with some of the guys they’ve gotten close to during the dog days of Training Camp.  Not only does one potentially save some money this way, but being in a foreign environment is made a lot easier if one is around guys that are going through the same things.  Variables such as dealing with down time, missing home, watching film and studying playbooks are all parts of a new player’s journey.  It’s nice to have someone to kick it with.  The best part is, that if you start to get sick of a guy, one can just isolate himself in his room, or go hang with other players.  A few of my best friends from football are guys that I’ve roomed with.  We don't see each other as much but when we do connect we pick up right where we left off, like nothing's changed.  It's yet another avenue by which football fosters great life-long brotherhoods.


If you could take any two CFL Defensive Tackles, other than the guys in SK, who would you want on your interior defensively?


• Eddie Steele, and Almondo Sewell.  Hands down.  The fact that they're on the same team has nothing to do with it, but both these guys are playmakers and do such much for Chris Jones’ defence.

Steele is an outstanding athlete and has really come into his own since making the jump from Hamilton.  I think he’s one of the best Canadian Dlinemen in the league.  Last season he had a break-out year, and he’s looking to make the next step this year.  Don’t be surprised if he’s pushing for all-star recognition in 2015.  He’s one to watch this year.  

‘Mondo’s a beast.  There’s not much you can say after that.  I thought he was the best defensive lineman in the league last year, and I don’t think many if his colleagues would disagree.  He’s as strong as they come in the CFL and uses the leverage, that comes with being compact and powerful, to play the run and rush the passer effectively.  

Sewell and Steele’s ability to collapse the pocket is a nightmare for opposing QBs.  Their ability to subtract the area in which a QB is able to step into the pocket and throw the ball is key, especially in an Edmonton defence that always wants to be aggressive on passing downs.


What teams are you excited to see play against each other early on in the CFL season? 


• One of the more interesting games to watch early on this year may be week 4 when Hamilton and Montreal meet for the first time.  I’m calling it now that the Eastern Division comes down to those teams again this year, and that match-up will set the tone for the 3 games that they’ll play against each other during 2015.  


***'s a question for you guys...leave your answer in the comment section because they'll be used on a piece that will be posted at the beginning of the year. There's no wrong answer, and you can be as candid as you'd like.***


Which teams to you see winning their respective divisions and WHY?

Thanks for participating, and thanks for stopping by  The response to this blog has been humbling. 







  1. I see Calgary winning the West and as much as I hate saying that, they are still a strong team with the core of the team still intact. The Riders will make it tough though.

    In the East I got Hamilton, despite a couple key injuries, they are the best team in the east. For Montreal, Crompton has to prove that he can be successful for a whole season.

    Early Prediction: BC will finish last in the West

  2. As a die-hard Riders fan, it pains me to say Calgary, but the Stamps are the Champs and there is a reason for that...O-line. in the East... the Tabbies...Austin and Tillman get it done.

  3. I see Calgary winning the West and Hamilton in the east.

    Hamilton because, with Ricky Ray out for a few games, the Ti-Cats will have the best QB in the east, and with the new 5 yard rule, this will mean QB talent will be key. Of course, a wild card in my prediction is the rate of injury in key positions to key players and Hamilton is hurting to start the year.

    Calgary simply have a wealth of talent in their "skill" positions. Their O-Line may be their weak link due to turnover, but with Cornish and Bo Levi, I still see the Stamps as the gold standard, rich with coaching experience and simply a darn good team. Its Huff's last year as coach and for them not to finish first would be a shocker - albeit a pleasant one for us green-blooded folk.

    I still look for Durant and the Riders to pull off an upset in the play-offs though.

    Old Hank

  4. Green and Gold17 June 2015 at 17:14

    Edmonton in the West. Their defense is going to be the best in the league, and Cornish won't make it through the year. IRiders have to many holes to fill
    Hamilton in the East. Montreal and Toronto are going to suck. Ottawa will fold again before they ever make the playoffs.

  5. Riders in the west because they won 80% of the games Durant started and he is back while Calgary lost 2 all stars on offensive line and Jones in Edmonton is too aggressive and gambles too much to come out on top. Hamilton takes the east with solid quarterbacking combined with the fact none of the other eastern teams have done much to improve from last year.

  6. Anonymous 19:42: The Riders have lost 2 linebackers, a center, a left tackle, a defensive end, and are one of the oldest teams in the league. They are a lot worse off than Calgary. Hamilton is going to get run over again by whoever the play, most likely Calgary, in the GC