Monday, 15 June 2015

Monday Mailbag!

Brand new week folks...Had some solid questions leading up to today and we'll continue to knock those out. Big week for the 2015 hopefuls! This Calgary game is going to be fun to watch and we'll have plenty of content for you leading up to it!

Let's get into it folks!

1)  Jock Sanders was released by Calgary and I know that we already have a few running backs but would you consider bringing him back? He was a nice secondary weapon when he was here and was a threat returning kicks

• Anytime a player of Jock Sanders calibre becomes available, it’s worth looking into, but there’s a fair amount of things to consider if you’re the Saskatchewan Roughriders.  First off, there’s a ton of talent already at the RB and Returner positions, so to go any further than a simple look would mean making the decision to take someone out of a spot.  The front office would have to determine whether or not Jock fits better into the things they want to do THIS YEAR than someone already on the roster and 2 weeks into Chapdelaines playbook.

Second.  $Price$. There may not be a whole lot of money to throw at Sanders right now, especially as there’s teams that could REALLY use him right away.  Hamilton has probably called a million times haha.  Montreal could use his services, as could Edmonton and BC.  The last thing the front office here is going to want to do is get in a small bidding war for someone who isn’t going to start.

Lastly, there is depth that needs to be addressed in other areas of the team right now.  Taking a sniff at Jock Sanders is warranted, however there’s a lot that will have to happen in order for him to land back in SK.  But it’s a crazy business, so don’t close the door completely, as a matter of fact…Never close the door of possibility in pro sports.



Now that the first rounds of cuts is done, which ones surprised you the most?


• The only cut that came as a surprise was Jock Sanders, and it was because his release wasn’t a performance related decision.  If you think about it, the only reason that he got cut was, as John Hufnagel worded it, “something happened after the game”.   Sanders was a guy that figured into the Stamps plans heavily this year, and whatever did “happen” it was unfortunate for both parties. 
I have such respect for Hufnagels ability to stockpile talent that I'm sure Sanders' replacement will be as equally as explosive.

Other than that, there wasn’t anything or anyone that was an eyebrow raiser.

Keep in mind that this is a “what have you done for me lately” job, and if one doesn’t fit into the scheme of a team’s 2015 plans, then nobody is going to keep them just because they are a recognizable name.  A guy like Alex Suber, isn’t a surprise at all, despite what media thinks.  He came into TO last year in the middle of the season and did a great job filling that need, for that year.  June of 2015 is a totally different job interview.  Now that’s not saying Alex Suber isn’t a talented football player.  All that says is that his talents, did not fit what TO wants to do.


What’s it like seeing a teammate that you’ve played with for a while get cut?


• It’s the worst part of this business by far.  It’s so difficult to take the emotion out of it when the business side of the game affects someone you’ve become brothers with.  It’s quite often the case where you recognize that your teammate/brothers release is probably the best decision for the teams overall success, so one actually understands, but that doesn’t erase all the ups and downs that you’ve been through together.  All one can do is hope that their now ex-teammate gets picked up by another team and is given the chance to succeed there.

Families take the news the hardest, and I always feel sorry for them.  They don’t understand the whole ‘business of sport’ module and sometimes question how a coach or a GM could be so disloyal to a guy that has worked his butt off for the team.  As much as it hurts the player who just got released, they usually have to spend a lot of time explaining the reality to their loved ones because of their emotional pulls for the player.  Sometimes one has to be there for strength and support.

The goodbyes are always quick, hopefully you see your ex-teammate in the locker room or in town before he heads out.  A quick text message or phone call is usually all one gets.

The next day, everything moves forward as if nothing happened.  It’s strange to see your ex-teammates locker being outfitted for someone new, but that’s how fast this game goes.  The focus automatically shifts from someone’s absence back to the reason why you’re there…To Chase a Championship.  


See you tomorrow folks! Cheers...






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