Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Morning Mailbag

1. Who is standing out at DB and LB?


We’ve talked about this in various spots, and we don’t have the benefit of watching film, so there’s no way to tell if guys are assignment sound, and how they’re addressing the details.  That being said, Junior Mertile(#29) has stood out quite a bit during the last couple of days.  I said on The Sportscage with Rod Pedersen (620 CKRM) that his start is reminiscent of the way Marshay Green and Troy Stoudemire jumped off the page last year.  At the LB spot, Telvion Clark (#13) and Jeff Knox (#49) are playing really well.  It’s a significant change for LBs going from the American Game to the Canadian game, particularly with some of the coverage expectations.  Thus far you can tell that they’re really enjoying the challenges that the CFL poses.

2. How does Scott McHenry look?


Someone asked us how Scotty was doing on the radio show today, and right when they did, he made a great diving grab in team competition.  The Fullbacks look like they’re going to be used quite differently and, aside from McHenry, there is Spencer Moore and draft pick Matt Rea from MICHIGAN STATE (Go Green).  I’m like the rest of you in Ridernation, just glad that McHenry is out there.  As for his prospects in 2015, he does himself a HUGE favour if he goes and balls out on special teams.


3. Who are the VETS that are on the bubble?


It’s still too early to say.  If there really was a vet on the bubble, you guys would have known it long before camp started.  They would have brought in a known guy that plays a position that is already occupied, or drafted at a different spotI think this team needs as many vets on the roster as they can get.  Reason being is that there is only about 40 guys in camp with SIGNIFICANT CFL experience.  You need experience in all spots on the field to win a championship, and right now the focus is probably just to identify talent.


4. What did you order at Fuddruckers?


2/3 LB Mushroom Swiss and Bacon…I don’t throw the word “Exquisite” around at all, but it seems to be the only word that describes dinner haha!


5. You’ve talked about all the changes on O and D, do you think the entrenched starters should play more of the first exhibition game than they normally do because of that?


Not at all.  You need to get the guys that you’ve brought in to compete for a roster spot a chance to get themselves on film and be evaluated.  For example, the entire league knows what John Chick and T. George are about but there are at least 9 other guys in there that are battling for a chance to contribute to the team in some way.  No point in taking evaluation reps away from someone who really needs them


Thanks for the questions guys…You can ask more via the comment section or shoot them to me at @lucmull95 on twitter.  Hope this helps



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