Friday, 17 July 2015


Over the past few games you guys have been asking a lot of questions regarding key match-ups, and things that need to happen in order for the Saskatchewan Roughriders to come out VICTORIOUS! 
Well obviously, it would be too late to answer these questions in our Mailbag Monday Segments so we'll do this "GOTTA HAVE IT" column every gameday prior to kick-off. 

It's so hard for teams in the CFL to beat an opponent twice in a row, let alone back-to-back. It's dam-near impossible.  Especially at Mosaic Stadium.  
Today one of the things that needs to happen for the Green and White is locking down Austin Collie when the Lions are on the Riders 35 yard-line going in.  Some of you refer to this as the Red zone, or the score zone, whatever ya wanna call it, the Riders must account for  #17 in this crucial part of the field.

Don't get me wrong, Collie is a threat all over the field for the Lions, however, it's when BC gets down into the red zone that they really look to get the 4 year NFL vet the rock.

Collie's a smart route-runner and understands where the soft spots in zones are going to be.  He's also caught on to ways he can manipulate the new coverage rules.  Him and Travis Lulay were close to hooking up on a couple TDs last week in this area, and if converted, fans wouldn't have seen the overtime drama they were treated to. 

Arceneaux, Harris, Taylor and Gore are all great weapons that Lulay can lean on, but #17 is quietly looking like he may become their very own version of Weston Dressler.

Lockin down Austin Collie in the Red Zone...

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