Sunday, 5 July 2015


Wellllp! We won't get to see our boy Doubles roll today, but we can all smash some of his CO-OP BBQ Chips!!!
It seems as though people are split right down the middle when it comes to picking this game, but we'll always go GREEN if we have a 50/50!
Check in after the game, I'll post some thoughts about the match-up before we go live on the Post-Game call-in show on 620 CKRM'
Get your Mailbag Monday questions in for tomorrow, via the comment section or Twitter (@lucm95). 
See ya'll at Mosaic Stadium!


  1. This is very good blog with all it's insightful information from a professional level. Maybe throw in a self promote while your on the radio so more people know this site exists. Thank you very much for your perspective Mr. Mullinder.


  2. Horrible football, the offense plays pitch and catch while the defense runs around behind the receivers to make a tackle after the catch. Exciting football is a struggle between the O and the D and we are not seeing much of that. A defensive stop at a critical part of the game is exciting football for example yet that seems unlikely. We are seeing huge numbers from average QB's right now as the D has been taken out of the game too much IMO. So the question is can the defenses adjust and catch up or is this what we endure for the year?
    Thank You