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Mailbag Monday!

The mails in!  We had a lower volume of questions for the mailbag this week, but just like the prior week, we had questions that were asked differently but chased the same info, so we grouped them into one response.  Keep the convo coming folks.  I’m glad you guys see this as a resource for information from a different angle (hopefully).

Big practise week coming up for the Green and White.  Hamilton is a winnable game, and after four weeks on the road, they’re beginning to show some signs of wear and tear.  Saskatchewan has to continue to work hard to block out any unnecessary noise, and really fight to keep practising with intensity and a great attitude.  Nobody is going to come into Mosaic Stadium feeling sorry for the Riders, especially black and gold.





I enjoyed your analysis of the play of rookie Tyree Hollins on It got me to wondering if he was a player that emerged from the free agent camps that the Riders held for the first time in a while, preceding the Florida camp. My question: which players currently on the roster were discovered in the series of the 2015 free agent camps? Did the investment in these camps pay off? 


• That’s a great question and I don’t want to guess the answer to it and cheat you out of the info.  I’m going to ask BT that when we conduct our weekly conversation with him on “The Sportscage w/ Rod Pedersen” this Monday afternoon.  I’ll update the answer HERE as soon as we get it figured out, shouldn’t be any later than 6 pm.  Hope that works for you…


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Why wasn’t McCallum kicking the Onside Kick at the end of the game??? (BC vs. SK on Fri)


• We got asked this question on the Post-game call-in show after the loss on Friday.  McCallum was brought in to solidify the FG kicking department but the team also needs to let Ray Early develop, as he’s likely the future (as of now) of this team at the kicking position.  Going into Friday, Early has been handling the Kick-off duties for the Green and White which usually means that he’s the guy who will get all of the “onside kick” duties when they practise that phase during the week and going into games.  Although McCallum has all the experience, up until that point, Ray Early had been the only one practising for that situation for the Riders in 2015.  The staff probably felt the most comfortable with him kicking at that point.  


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I missed your CFL League Rankings that you guys did on the Post-Game.  Can you give it to us again?


• After having a day to think about it I changed a couple of placements.

1. Calgary 2. BC 3. Montreal 4. Edmonton 5. Hamilton 6. Winnipeg 7. Toronto 8. Ottawa 9.Saskatchewan (unfortunately).

I originally had Toronto ahead of Winnipeg but then I remembered their failure to stop a Calgary offense that hadn’t practised with the offensive line they were forced to play for an entire half. Hamilton and Winnipeg are pretty interchangeable at 5 & 6 in my mind.  I’m giving the TiCatsthe edge because they’ve been road warriors and haven’t played a home game as yet and we’re going into Week 5!

Let me know what you guys think!!!

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Would you agree that with giving up the fewest amount of pts (69) and all the turnovers they’ve caused that the ALs have the #1 D in the CFL?


• I wouldn’t argue with anyone that thought that.  It was the Ticats that went into their Week 4 match-up with the Als, leading the CFL in a couple major defensive categories (yards allowed per game, and rushing yards allowed) but it was the Alouettes that put on the show forcing 2 fumbles, snagging 3 picks, and sacking Collaros twice.  That type of production will win you a ball game if your offense controls the ball, and that’s what happened.  Since Noel Thorpe has joined that team, they’ve kept the Angry Birds competitive while their offense has been busytrying to replace AC.  At this point, I’d lean towards them being tops in the CFL.


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The offense seems to be taking shots early, but less in the end?  Is this common?


• I’m not sure that’s entirely accurate.  Especially after watching the Riders have to play from behind.  I thought their attack was on point.  Chapdelaine and the crew demonstrated a number of ways they could manufacture 1st downs, especially the ability to adjust to what teams were doing and utilizing the RB position as a pass catcher.  The 4th quarter is all about clock control.  Especially the last three minutes.  With games being close, teams have to utilize sound clock management, so maybe that’s where the lines have become skewed here.  Here’s an example.  In week 1, the high paced Saskatchewan attack may have scored too quickly in their final drive and left an entire minute on the clock for the Argos to slice their way down field.  Sometimes in that final 3 minutes, scheming against the clock is just as important as scheming the opponent.  Slowing things down is valuable at times depending on the situation.


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Lots of talk now, but should Chamblin be concerned about his job?


• No.  On so many levels.  It’s too early for all of that talk anyway, but if you really want to analyze why, one of the reasons is that there isn’t anyone within this organization that is suited or experienced enough to take over this team on an interim basis.  That’s really the only way the Riders Board of Directors and President would be able to make that move.  It’s also too hard to bring a guy in because he would be forced to keep the staff as it is, out of necessity.  The CFL isn’t one of those leagues that hires and fires the way the NHL, NFL, or NBA do.  Chamblin isn’t even 2 full seasons past the Grey Cup Championship he helped bring to SK in 2013.  Firing him would be a mistake

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  1. Funny thing about some fans in the old game of hindsight. If Early had been successful on the short kick (always a crap shoot) no one would question using him. If McCallum had been put in and failed, then you can be sure that the question would be why would they not have used the younger guy.