Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Offsides the Podcast...Episode 3

In our 3rd Episode of Offsides with Coach Etch we start off the show with Coach having an epiphany of sorts in regards to Objectionable Conduct penalties in receivers that emphatically pressure the referees for PI calls.  I think you guys will find that there's a lot of validity to his idea and in true Etch fashion he gives you a great metaphor, likening his concept to that of a photo radar trap on the highways, which are costing me an arm and a leg!

You guys have liked our conversations regarding the weeks action in the CFL so we continued to chat about things that we liked, and disliked, but what you'll want to take in, is Etch's thoughts on the Coach Chamblin discussions that everyone in Ridernation seems to be having right now.  I asked him what his thoughts were on the workload that Coach Chamblin has taken on since parting ways with Richie Hall, and Etch did his best to make sense of it all.  What struck me was the way he has looked at the development of Jacques Chapdelaine since returning to the CFL, and he brought up a point that I hadn't thought of as yet.  I'm sure you'll appreciate it.

We ran through the upcoming week in the CFL, and I touched on the reasons why I picked BC to win in SK this Friday, much to the dismay of many of you.  It's funny how people reacted to my initial prediction, because I think many people took it as me "wanting" BC to win.  I looked at the game very analytically, and took my heart and emotion totally out of the pick when I made it, so Etch and I discuss that and the game in detail.

To close we talked about Paul LaPolice and his "Coaches Playbook" segment on TSN, and put a wrap on Episode 3 by talking Pre-Game Music.

All-in-all, we wanted to improve on last weeks episode, so hopefully you guys will let us know if we succeeded or not.  We're always open to suggestions, but enjoyed doing this edition and hopefully provide you guys with additional CFL content that adds another dimension to your thoughts on Canada's Game...

Hope you enjoy folks! And thank you for tuning in.


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