Monday, 20 July 2015

Offsides the Podcast...Episode 4

Episode 4 of our weekly chat with Etch had us calling in to Spokane Washington, where Coach is celebrating a family milestone with the rest of his clan.

We kicked things off with a review of my CFL Power Rankings heading into Week 5, and with Etch having BC at the top of the league right now, I had to defend my #1 pick in Calgary right off the bat.  Coach admitted that he sees the CFL through offensive goggles, but also eluded to the fact that everyone and their mama are forced to look at the league the same way because of the constant offensive narratives that the CFL pushes.

While discussing all things CFL, the Podcast covers everything from how Steve Jobs and how his philosophies fit into sports, how CFL offensive systems (in Etchs mind) are terrible, and finishes off with Travis Lulay being the CFL version of Russell Wilson (QB for the Seattle Seahawks).

I particularly enjoyed talking about how individual statistics need to be thrown out the window these days and we also touch on league leaders and where their teams actually stand right now.  The whole conversation eventually underlines the theory that CFL stats are incredibly misleading.  Coach Etch has always believed that, "All yards are 3 feet, but not yards are created equal.  You guys will like that justification.  Here's another thought that came up, amongst the many...Right now 40% of the leagues top 5 RBs play for the Riders, and the leagues best QB also wears Green and White.  How is this team 0-4 again?!?!?

We finish off the Episode 4 with our weekly look at the match-ups ahead but I was reminded today about how delicate of a balance the football locker room is.  Etch brought it up while talking about the Riders vs. TiCats, and now I'm left still trying to figure out who to pick between SK and Hamilton on Sunday.

Hopefully we continue to improve week after week.  It's truly humbling to see your reaction to this PodCast, and the rest of  THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT

This Podcast is embedded below.  We hope you enjoy it.



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  1. Hamilton victory. Hopefully entertaining without all the flags flying almost every other down, flags taking away the fun of the game.