Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Offsides the PodCast...Episode 5

We're close ladies and gentlemen, very close...Now, what I'm actually referring to is us having the ability to add some intro music into this Offsides podcast, and also having that annoying delay (while we patch in Coach Etch) removed totally!  We've even purchased a whole new PodCast Editing and Production program!
Here's the problem...I haven't had any time to play around with it as yet and I figured I could just go into it and get it right on my first try.  #EpicFail
So this will be the last time that you guys will have to put up with the silent delay associated with getting Coach Etch patched in, and we'll finally have some intro music for episode 6.
#IveAlreadyGotTheTracksPicked #BearWithUsForOneMoreEpisode

Todays episode starts off with some GOOD NEWS FOR RIDERNATION, brought to you in a very Coach Etch sort of way.  I'll tell you what, it's fair to say that some of the Rider coaching staff, and maybe even a couple of the front office guys may see things the same way as our co-host.  Out of all the great points he makes (pertaining to the Riders in relation to the rest of the CFL) the most important point for me was that, "Winnipeg is NOT better than SK." #SighOfRelief #Rivalry

We also discussed "moral victories" and how coaches and fans perspective are very different when it comes to that topic.  As a matter of fact, that discussion led us to a debate over whether injuries can still be an excuse for losing, after 5 weeks, and also what Coach Etch likes (or dislikes) about Corey Chamblin's defensive philosophies as they've played out so far.

We finalized things the way we always do at ProPerspective, by analyzing our picks  for the 6th week of the CFL.  I've enjoyed some of your reactions to those picks, including the guy who pulled me aside on Sunday, and told me that he lost 5 bucks picking the same teams as Etch did last week.  Luckily he thought it was funny!

All-in-all, it was a good show and we had a lot of fun doing it; plenty of football and philosophy.  Just the way many of you like it.  Can't wait to improve for next week, and FINALLY get some music in this deal!!!

You guys are going to enjoy the positive outlook that Coach Etch has on the Riders.  His view actually surprised me a little bit.  It was very player-friendly, and had a locker room feel to it.

The link is embedded below.  You can also click on the top to go to PodBean and download it.

Talk soon!

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