Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Offsides...The PodCast Episode 2

What's going down folks!  Just finished wrapping up Episode 2 of Offsides w/ Coach Etch.
I think you guys are going to enjoy our banter today. 

We did a few things to improve the audio quality, which turned out great, and we're currently working on some intro music (bells and whistles) for all of you who DEMAND aesthetics!  We're also working to figure out how to edit out the dead time while we're dialing Etch in, but we've aimed at improving every week, and I think we got the job done today!  We covered some great content

Etch was texting me back and forth all of last week regarding my opinions on the new rules, and today we put the topic to bed with him weighing in on the fact that the league "blundered" considerably.  You'll be interested to note his point on how offensive schemes are related to the whole deal, along with his comments on the need to increase team efficiency even more so now. 

I also brought up the fact that many of you pointed out that he was wrong in saying Hamilton was a 2 TD team offensively, and that Jason Maas, who Etch said possessed a "thin" resume, did really well with his play calling against BC.  His response was awesome, and it really draws some insight into how coaches really watch these games.  I'll let you guys be the judge but basically Etch watches the game as if he was playing the team (that's on) next week.  So he basically scouts what coaches are doing.  His opinions are formed through the eyes of someone competing, and not from someone cheering.  It was great stuff.

Ridernation will enjoy his thoughts on the way the Green and White approached the final minute of the 4th Qtr against TO.  The discussion also leads him into his opinions on what is going on defensively in Saskatchewan, and I'm sure that whether you disagree or agree with his arguments, you'll respect them either way.

When we closed the book on Week 2, specifically on the Ottawa game, Etch blew me away with his proclamation that Brad Sinopoli is the Canadian version of MILT STEGALL!  That's high praise for the young former QB, but he presents a fair argument.  We also discussed Calgary's slow start offensively and how it relates to the loss Nik Lewis.  Etch, along with many others, feels that everything in Calgary ran through Nik Lewis in one way or another and his on and off-field presence is sorely missed in the Evil Empire. 
Check out his car analogy when discussing the BC Lions, I thought it was hilarious.

After we got through week 3 we finished off the Podcast by addressing the job the crew at TSN does with the CFL as a whole. This was my favourite part of the Podcast, and I hope you enjoy it as well.

Had a great time recording this today, and please don't hesitate to weigh in on todays discussion, or let us know how we're doing. 
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We'll hit you with our Rider/Lions Primer tomorrow seeing as the clash with BC is right around the corner...Talk Soon



  1. So in his own way Etch said that pressure is the answer to the new rules. That has been my thought but Chamblin was a DB so he may have trouble going away from his coverage ideas.


  2. Loved the discussion. Just wondering, when Brad Sanoploli was in the CIS, was Etch his coach?

  3. Well, there IS competition, and we are fortunate to listen to it here. The business of TV "journalism" is entertainment, reflects and panders to its consumers. Continue to tell it like it is, Luc and Coach Etch. Kudos.