Wednesday, 1 July 2015

OFFSIDES...The Podcast

Happy Canada Day Folks! 
It's a huge day at Pro Perspective...not only because it's Canada's Birthday, but it's also our first official launch of the Offsides w/ Coach Etch Podcast! really values the ability to provide you guys with content that is delivered straight from the eyes of a professional athlete, and that will never change.  We're actually going to start getting other current, and former, pros involved here shortly in an effort to let guys be creative, or just say what's on their mind. 
What this Podcast is going to do be, is an opportunity to have some fun, but also give you guys another alternative perspective on the CFL, and all things sports related.  Coach Etch is a guy with over 38 years of experience in the Football, and his ideas and views are outspoken and intriguing.  We won't always agree, but that's what sparks conversation...
Today we talked a bit about what Etch saw out of the teams that played in week 1, and also had a discussion about football in general. 
Coach brought up some pretty good points about certain aspects of the CFL as it stands. 
He talked a bit about ACTUAL experience of CFL coaches and how it related to the win/loss column, and is very high on Jeff Tedford in BC.  Etch is certain that the Lions are going to be a lot better than everyone thinks.  I was also intrigued about is view points on Hamilton, and their offensive scheme. 
This is a trial run, so I cut in and out briefly in the first 30-40 seconds of the talk, due to the way the app dials in and out.  One of the things I noticed is that my voice fades every now and then depending on where the phone is, so from this point on, I'll wear a headphone jack to provide clarity at all times.  Other than that, for a first time, I thought it was decent.  Like it is with football, we'll be hungry to improve and build on the experience every week! 
Let us know what you thought!  The link is below in between the two pics!



  1. Two offensive TD's per game in Ham, and that is playing half their games against eastern teams. Very interesting.

    The point Etch makes that I often question is the value he puts on coaching experience. Huf has been a very good coach since he first sat in the chair. On the other hand Chamblin coaches far differently than he did at the start and we think the changes are improvements.


  2. Guess Etch was wrong about the two TD's per game.