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Picking Week 6 featuring Marcus Adams

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1-3 just isn't going to cut it!!!  The worst part of our Weeks 5 picks, presented by CJ Evans Home Designs, was that the one pick that we wanted to be wrong about (TiCats over Riders) was the only one we got right!!!
I don't feel too bad however, because many of the people I know are having the same struggles as I am when it comes to picking winners.  During one of the games this weekend our boy (and fellow Rider Alum) Matt Dominguez tweeted out, "Man...This Season...If I pick you to're going to LOSE! #CFLonTSN."  It's hard out here for everyone!
To tell you all the truth, it's refreshing that it's been so difficult to get things right, because it speaks volumes about the quality of the competition in the CFL at this point.  For the most part the finishes have been exciting, and the new rules are starting to have less of an impact on games than we all would like to think.  As a matter of fact, it's been blatantly obvious that teams are shooting themselves in the foot with penalties that existed long before the CFL bailed out it's refs with the changes in 2015.
One guy who IS getting CFL picks right this season is 2007 Grey Cup Champion Marcus "Chunky" Adams.  Chunk is still a fan favourite in Ridernation, and instead of me picking the Week 6 match-ups throughout the league; I figure we'll give you a different #ProPerspective. and go with Chunky who is currently leading our CFL Alumni Pick-em pool at 11-9. 
Chunky went 3-1 last week by taking Toronto, Edmonton, and Hamilton.  I'm not surprised by his success this year either.  Adams is currently working on breaking into the Pro Scouting ranks so he follows along closely to the CFL but specifically, it's impact players and the up-and-comers.  When I spoke with him about this weeks CFL action, his responses came with a nice mix of football knowledge and player viewpoint.  During his football career Chunk was known for his work ethic off the field.  The way he studied film always gave him the mental advantage over his opponent, because he knew what they were going to do before they even started the snap cadence.  Personally, he was a life saver for me 1/2 the time.  Adams was a terrific communicator on the field, and he'd always tip us off to what was about to happen by the way the offensive line would be lined up or what the opponents tendencies during certain down and distances were.  This ability to watch and diagnose film has stuck with Chunk in his post-football career nicely, and may be one of the reasons he transfers into the scouting ranks nicely.  Here's an example, Chunk was the first one to tell me to watch out for Toronto's group of new receivers...week 1 hadn't even kicked off yet.  TOs recievers are becoming household names.
So here is something to help your water cooler conversations, smoke breaks, and betting pools.  The Week 6 CFL picks featuring Grey Cup Champion, and all around good dude, Marcus "Chunky" Adams...
BC @ Winnipeg
Chunky likes the Winnipeg DBs and the way they're starting to come together, despite what the CFL stats might suggest.  Knowing Adams, this makes sense because throughout my time in the locker room with Chunky, he always sat there telling me not to worry about the stats of a team, and be more concerned with what their situational tendencies etc.  Chunk thinks that Richie Hall is close to getting the Bomber defenders on the right page, and hasn't been as inspired by what he sees in BC like the rest of us have.  When I asked him about Travis Lulay, he shrugged it off and stated, "it just looks like he's out there throwing the ball up for grabs."
Chunks Pick: Winnipeg
Montreal @ Calgary
Without a second of hesitation, Chunky emphatically picked Calgary.  Adams looked at this from a players standpoint, and thinks that Calgary is going to be driven to "Pay them back BIG TIME" after the Alouettes embarrassed them on national TV with a rookie QB.  I remember what it felt like seeing a team on the schedule that had dragged us at one point earlier in the season.  It makes the practise week a lot more intense knowing that you want to put one on a team that made you look bad previously.  Chunk likes the Montreal front 4, but let his experience do the talking on this pick.
Chunks pick: Calgary
Toronto @ Hamilton
In Adams' mind, Toronto is on a different level in terms of confidence, especially after that HUGE win in BC.  We already know that #51 is a big fan of the receiving core that the Argos have, but he also thinks that they've got something special in Brandon Whitaker.
"He's been a huge help for their young QB (Trevor Harris) in running the ball, picking up blitzes and catching out of the back-field."
Chunk also mentioned something very interesting.  He stated that the Toronto defense is catching on and going to be a strong point for them, "Usually it's the offense that starts slowly and needs to catch up with the D.  For them, it's the offense that has been on fire, and the D has had to catch up."
Chunks pick:  Toronto
Saskatchewan @ Edmonton
Here's the quote of the day.  After finding realizing that the Riders were playing IN Edmonton..."Oh man.  Edmonton.  Luc, me and you ain't never won more than 3 games there in our whole careers!"
At this point Chunk agrees with me in that Edmonton possess that best defensive line in the country, and thinks Almondo Sewell is the strongest player in the CFL, hands down.  When I reminded Chunk about the Eskimo's QB situation, Adams told me it's not as big of a deal as I may think because Jarious Jackson is really working wonders with the group now that Reilly has been down.  Chunk thinks that Jackson is really helping out the Edmonton Offensive Coordinator by laying out what the back-up QBs are good at, and what they may not be able to handle in terms of their skill sets.  Good coaching works wonders, and Chunk rally believes that former QB Jarious Jackson is working out well for the Eskimos.
At this point, the Evil Empire may be a bit much to handle for a team that's being hit with a string of unfortunate problems and events.
Chunks pick:  Edmonton
There you have it folks.  Hope this helps you.
Thanks so much to Marcus Adams for taking the time out of his visit with another Grey Cup Champ Jermese Jones in Winnipeg.  Chunk is currently headed back to Regina with his kids after a nice long visit with his family in the United States of 'Murrica.
Check Chunk out on Twitter at: @MarcusAdams_54
Here's another interesting tidbit for all of you visionaries out there.  One of our teammates at #ProPerspective (Chris Evans) has a great blog out, that really encompasses what it's like to be an entrepreneur as well as being involved in the Trades Industry in Saskatchewan.  It's always nice to be able to support the small business community, and we really have to stick together!  This is a great resource for you guys to lean on, and we hope you guys get something out of it! Thanks Chris

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