Sunday, 5 July 2015

Thoughts on the L

I'm not going to sit here and re-hash all the rants that we went on via The Sportscage Post-Game Call-In show.
Coach Etch and I have already planned to debate the new rule changes on our Offsides podcast this week so we'll save it for that. 

Shout Outs go to the offensive line today.  They played great!  Yes, they took a couple disciplinary penalties, and you don't want that, but through two weeks that Oline has been the strength of the team.  

Don't let Jerome Messam fool you into thinking he's just a power back. Mess wasn't getting the gaping holes he got in the 1st game today and really displayed some solid footwork in making his cuts and finishing his runs. What I hope you guys noticed was how fluint he has become when catching the ball.  If he keeps this up, you'll be talking about him a lot more than you will about Cornish as the year winds down.

Can we cool it with the Dressler comparisons when it comes to #2?  I get it...the similarities are there.  If I'm a coach I'm loving his toughness and willingness to put his body on the line to make a catch.  Don't let your kids to believe that they have to be over 6ft to be an effective WR.  What they do need is heart; and Smith has enough for all of us. 
For now, let's just let him be the first Ryan Smith, ok?  

Kudos to TO too. Man they played well.  I don't know what Brandon Whitaker has been eating lately (other than opposing Defenses) but he's been unreal.  It wasn't too long ago where all of the CFL would have agreed that B.Whit was the most complete back in the league.  It's great to see a stand-up guy like him have success after being hit with so much personal adversity over the last couple of seasons. 

We spoke to Jim Barker on the Pre-game show today and off air he couldn't stop raving about AJ Jeffersons talent level.  Watching him, one really liked the aggressiveness that he played with.  It paid off for him obviously with his pick-6 but it also cost the Argos when Glenn used his aggression against him and caught him on a pump-fake to Ryan Smith for a huge gain. 
Barker also had rave reviews about the coaching of former Argo DB Jordan Younger.  The Argo GM even went as far to say that JY may be the next former Argo to make a big impact on CFL staffs (following O'Shea, and Steinhauer).

As far as the result, obviously the Defense has to make a stop in that 4th Qtr, when the Argos drove the field.  A chance to ice the game with a big stop in the dwindling seconds of the game? That's a defensive units dream!  
It's clear that in this early phase of the year, when teams AND refs are still trying to figure out the new coverage rule, defensive coordinators are in a quandary about how many guys they should commit to the rush, vs how many guys they NEED to commit to a zone )because of the way the DBs have to play). 
The Riders need to figure something out quickly though, this home-at-home with BC is going to be a dog fight, and the Rider must win one of them heading into weeks 5 and 6.

How nice was it to have some pre-snap confidence in your FG kicker???  I said it on air...I DONT CARE IF McCALLUM IS 60...If he's hitting 90% of his kicks, he's the guy for the job.  

Anyway, just some late night thoughts.  We have some really strong questions for the Monday Mailbag, I think I'll get to those right now.

Talk to ya'll in the morning!


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  1. The best thing about today's game from a Rider Nation perspective is the performance of Ryan Smith who is well on his way to being a Big Time play-maker for the green and white for years to come.

    I can see Kory Williams replacing Taj Smith as a way to infuse a finer balance of youth and experience.

    The speed of our receiving core can only help things improve with our red zone performance.

    Imagine speedsters Williams, Dressler and Ryan Smith buzzing around the end zone. Bagg,Getzlaf and Richardson can make plays too. Add to the mix the play of Messam which you highlight so well in your analysis. It was thought that Doubles would hit 6000 yards this season. I think these numbers are in sight for Glenn too, provided he remains healthy. The O-line is keeping us sack free and this bodes well for the future.