Thursday, 30 July 2015

Week 6 Eskimos Primer

It just keeps getting worse.  KG done for an extended amount of time.  A short week of practise.  An Injured Reserve list that is becoming as long as the actual Active Roster.  And to top it all off, the boys get to travel to Edmonton, where winning is harder to do than breaking up with your high school sweetheart...There isn't much to look forward to Riderville.

Things would be so much easier if the guys on the 2015 Saskatchewan Roughriders would just quit.  Fold things up fellas.  Call it a rebuild.

Apparently nobody would blame the guys.  I heard it 3 times yesterday in various forms, "If they lose again, it's time to tear it down and start all over.  There's to many injuries to compete this year."

The easiest thing to do now would be to quit...

Ironically; quitting is the only event that I can guarantee that will NOT happen in that Saskatchewan Roughrider locker room.

You can't ask a professional football player to quit.  Can't do it.  He'll look at you like you're speaking the language of an ancient Mayan civilization.  It's not even an option.  There's a list of things to do when you're back is against the wall, and nowhere on that list is the word "quit". 

Actually, now that I think of it, the leaders in the Roughrider locker room are probably looking for the quitters.  Those guys are easy to spot when the adversity gets dialed up because they become selfish.  The whole process will become about them.  The quitters will feel entitled.  They're the guys that won't be dressed on time for the 9am meetings.  They'll be the guys on film not finishing the drills but will be the 1st to turn around and complain about the rotation.  The players who've cashed it in will be the guys doing their own thing, and leaving their teammates hanging just to make a play.  It's hard not to think about "going for self" when you're on an 0-5 team, but that's the quickest way this team becomes 0-16.  The leaders can still make sure that everyone is bought in, but they have to identify the guys on the fence first. 

The Green and White have come too far.  Even though the season is still young, the players that have been in Saskatchewan since the end of May, after a long off-season of lifting and running, have sacrificed too much together.  

That's why quitting's not an option.  When one sits in his locker, right before kick-off they're going to look across the room and see guys exactly like them.  They'll be looking into the eyes of a man that is going through the same turmoil.  The guy to their left has had to deal with the same pain.  The guy to their right has to face the same uncertainty.  

The locker room is a 2nd home.  I know you're sick of me saying that, but there's no feeling like belonging to this type of family. Nobody worth their salt wants to let the family down now.  Not when it's this tough.  Not when the entire nation has has begun to extinguish their hope.  Not when the haters, who've been waiting on this situation, are beginning to smile.  

When one true to this game; one eats with the same ones they starve with.   

There's 13 weeks left in the 2015 CFL season.  Things don't seem like they could get much worse.  But don't expect anyone to go lightly into the next 2/3 of the year.  Right now the Saskatchewan Roughriders have something much more important to play for than wins and losses...

Anyone who straps up the White and Green helmet this Friday is doing it for one thing...The guy to their left, and the guy to their right.  

Play for each other...And NEVER GIVE UP.
Cups up to the boys going 1-0 this week.


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