Friday, 21 August 2015


It's all about Ball Security today for the Saskatchewan Roughriders.  Everyone's making such a big deal about the a**-kicking the Stampeders put on Ottawa, however the RedBlacks didn't give themselves a legitimate chance with all the turnovers that they gave up.
Week 7 saw Saskatchewan kill itself with penalties against the Argos in a game which they should have won.  One would expect that the penalties decrease drastically this week as it's been an emphasis during this week of practise, but the riders CANNOT give Calgary second chance opportunities and field position through turnovers.  When the Green and White are on Offense, they'll have to protect the football. From QB decision making all the way down to covering up the ball when a player has possession, one cannot give the ball to the potent Calgary attack.  Special Teams (which the Stamps dominated last week) is going to have to secure the ball as well. The field position game is also crucial, especially in this weather today, and the ball may be slippery and moving awkwardly due to potential wind.  
Calgary may come into Mosaic today as a favourite but we've talked all week about this being one of those games where records and stats don't mean anything.  If the Riders hang around long enough and it's close going into the 4th, don't be surprised if the Green and White end up grabbing their first W and manufacturing some momentum for themselves going into Ottawa...
It all starts by taking care of the little things today...BALL SECURITY. GOTTA HAVE IT!!!!

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