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He's Back!!! Picking Week 7 in the CFL

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In a production based business such as professional football, if a player gets a first opportunity to play and absolutely balls out, chances are that player is staying in the rotation in some way or another.  Over a span of 9 years in the CFL, I watched guys get opportunities all the time; some took advantage of them, some blew it and were never heard from again…Last week, Marcus Adams killed it for us with his Week 6 CFL picks.  The response to his predictions was great, a few of you even changed your picks based on what Chunk had to say.  Because of the amazing response we got, AND Chunky going 3-1, I felt that we’d be crazy if we didn’t ask him to contribute this week in some way!

Thankfully, the former 2007 Grey Cup Champion had some time in his schedule, and agreed to give us his insight once again, in order to help us sift through the potential winners and losers.

Last week Adams would’ve been perfect if it hadn’t been for the fact that he forgot that Hamilton was playing at Tim Hortons field, where they’re pretty much unbeatable. 

One of the more popular observations regarding Chunky’s picks was the fact that his analysis of all the teams were right on point, which is exactly the type of insight that should give you guys.  After talking with him this morning, he sounded pretty confident in most of his picks, with the exception of one (which we’ll get into) so you may want to lean his way again this week.

So without further ado ladies and gentlemen, back by popular demand, here’s what Marcus Adams has to say about the CFLs schedule in Week 7…

Edmonton @ BC

This game is simple in Chunky’s eyes.  He thinks the Edmonton Defense is better than the BC offence.  One of the reasons for that is Adams thinks that Edmonton has the best DBs in the league, hands down.  They’re big and fast, but Chunky is quick to point out that they’re terrific one on one tacklers.  Mix the Edmonton back-end, with their front 4, and you see why the Eskimos are blowing people out of the water lately.  Adams is completely writing the Lions off, he thinks they’ll be good as their Defense slowly gets better and their Offense gets some consistency, but right now, Edmonton has too much momentum going forward, even though they are travelling to the Lions Den.

Chunks Pick:  Edmonton

Montreal @ Ottawa

In Chunks mind, this is the hardest pick of the week, which means that it may be the best game.  Adams is really impressed with the way Ottawa has played as a whole lately, especially on defense where his former interior line-mate Keith Shologan is busy plugging up A-gaps.  He’s going with Montreal in a highly contested game.
He actually sounded annoyed when talking about the Alouettes for a second,
“Montreal shoulda won last week!” he said with an irritated tone in his voice.  But his comments were made because he sees the overall talent in La Belle Province.  Chunk is really impressed with the way Rakeem Cato is playing, especially with how accurate he throws the rock, and like me, Chunk is a big fan of that Defense led by John Bowman, Chip Cox, and Billy Parker.  For you “Trench-Warfare” enthusiasts, take a look at the way Montreals interior Dline play against the Ottawa guards and centre.  Chunk loves the way #91 Alan Micheal Cash and the DT rotation play for Noel Thorpe, and they could be the difference here.

Chunks Pick:  Montreal in a tough one

Winnipeg @ Hamilton


Chunk didn’t even let me finish telling him where and when they were playing!


My response:  Ok then!!!

After laughing it off, we got serious, and the first thing that Chunk pointed out wasn’t the TiCats impressive QB, or their talented Offense, it was the fact that the Hamilton Interior Olinemen are playing 10x better than they were last year.  Part of that reason is due to Ryan Bomben who the Tabbies acquired from Montreal in a trade made before training camp started.  Bomben is a lean athletic 300+ guard who also kicks out to TE when Hamilton employs an extra Olineman.  Kent Austin raved about his ability the day they got Bomben, and they haven’t looked back.
That interior line is allowing Zach Collaros time and space to step into the pocket and finish his throwing motions, and when one has guys like Terrence Tolliver and Bakari Grant roaming around, one is going to have success when throwing with confidence. 
Chunk finished off his analysis of this match-up by stating that Hamilton also has the best front 7 next to Edmonton in the CFL. “Eric Tillman and Kent Austin have done a great job there” and Chunk expects that they will be in title contention as long as they continue to do things the way that they have thus far.

Chunks Pick:  Hamilton without question

Saskatchewan @ Toronto

With TO looking to get back on track, and the Riders looking like they’re grasping at straws, this pick was easy for Adams.  Adams took emotion into account with the game.  He’s familiar with the sights and feel of the game, including the body language of players while they’re in competition.  To Chunk, it seems as though the players have stopped responding to their Head Coach.  That’s something I’m going to be looking for all game now that Chunk has mentioned it.  There can’t be a divide between players and coaches in the locker room, and if there is, that will be the straw that breaks the Camel’s back.  In 2011, nobody responded to then Head Coach Greg Marshall and we all know how that turned out.

Chunks Pick:  Toronto.  It’s a tale of two teams seemingly headed in the opposite direction at this point.

Well there you have it folks.  Marcus Adams once again puts it down for all of you to pick up!  I like his picks and agree with all of them.  The one thing I will caution you guys about is that Saskatchewan, Toronto clash.  I think that game has the potential to be an upset with the urgency that the team will now be forced to play with.  There is going to be some new blood running around for the Green and White, and hopefully the new guys make an impression.

Thank you Chunk for taking the time out of your day for the Ridernation faithful!  Adams was and always will be a fan favourite in Riderville, and his willingness to help you guys out is greatly appreciated if we’re going off all the comments regarding
Chunks involvement last week.

Have a great week folks!


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