Monday, 3 August 2015

Mailbag Monday

We're back with our weekly instalment of our Mailbag Monday column.  It's not the brightest of times around Ridernation obviously, and a lot of the questions we've gotten have centred around the three things being addressed today.  We'll keep it short and sweet; because truthfully folks, there are no easy answers to the predicament that the Saskatchewan Roughriders are in.  It seems that everything that former pros, or insiders around the league have to say, only inspire more questions.  A lot of folks have brought up 2011 to me as a reference point, but if you put both of those two seasons beside each other, there is one glaring difference...We knew we weren't going to be a good team from the beginning in 2011!  People are truly dumbfounded about 2015, because there was so much promise just over a month ago.
They'll be a ton of content coming your way from because a lot will happen over the span of this practise week.  The Riders have to do everything they can to turn this thing around, and at this point, no idea is a bad one!

As always, thank you for your overwhelming response to this blog...

Let's get the week rolling here...

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What do you think of the latest report from Gary Lawless.

Meh...Reporters jobs are to get people talking...mission accomplished.  Who really cares about a reporter in Winnipeg though?  Those guys have been waiting on the downfall of the Saskatchewan Roughriders since 2007. 
What would be disappointing is if Lawless actually had a source within the franchise that would give him that type of access.  It would be such a dirty move.  If there was a person that violated that code of trust within the organizations ranks, they would have given that info up for one reason, and one reason only; to hurt Corey Chamblin.  The people that I know within the Roughrider Club that qualify as "executives" (as Lawless sourced) are great people that care about the franchise and wouldn't deliver such an under-handed blow.

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Do Lapo or Benevides really fit the bill as possible replacements for Chamblin?

Corey Chamblin isn't going anywhere.  It would be a step backward.  That type of decision needs to be saved for the end of the year, unless there is an absolute revolt from the guys in the locker room.  Lapo doesn't even make sense as an Interim Head Coach!  His (LaPolice) hiring would mean the team has given up on the year officially.  Why would the Riders bring in another offensive minded coach, when it's the defense that has struggled to find any sort of consistency?  Firing Chamblin wouldn't just leave a void at the HC spot, it would leave the Green and White without a Defensive Coordinator, and no qualified replacement.  Lapo can't help this team defensively. 
Benevides wouldn't fare much better either.  He'd be stuck trying to sell his own concepts to a staff that was hand-picked by the guy he just replaced, and a bunch of young players that are having enough trouble catching on to the basics of what their current playbook asks of them.
Teams can't fire a coach during the year unless the replacement comes from within the organization.  Right now there isn't a suitable candidate amongst the Saskatchewan Roughriders that doesn't signal anything more than a total overhaul at the end of the year, and a dismal finish to 2015. 

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Can this team make the playoffs?

It doesn't seem likely right now.  All their long-term injuries, and a tough home/away schedule really put the Riders in a bad spot.  To get to the playoffs you have to figure that a team would need a minimum of 9 wins.  With a 1/3 of the season gone already, that means that the Green and White would need to go 9-3 over the span of the next 12 games.  Aside from the teams poor defensive lapses during games, one of the major problems has been discipline.  The Riders have repeatedly shot themselves in the foot with untimely penalties  They've taken points off of the board offensively, and extended opponents drives consistently on defense.  Step number 1 to making the playoffs is focusing on playing smart as a football team.  That alone will put them into a position for success.  After that, it's all about finishing the plays that they've left out on the field thus far.  I really hop that they can find a way.  There's still a lot of healthy leaders in that locker room, but their back is definitely against the wall.  Luckily that's what can make teams dangerous.


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  1. Question for next time: I can accept that not having a QB coach going into the season, with Durant and Glenn at the controls. But given how circumstances have now changed, would it not make sense to have a QB coach to work with and help develop the young rookies - Smith, Price and Sims? All other groups of positions have position coaches under the co-ordinators- O-line, linebacker, DB's, D-Line, receivers. Yet the most complex position, that of QB does not warrant a dedicated coach? Am I missing something in this picture?

    Old Hank