Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Offsides The Podcast! Episode 7

Episode 7 of our Offsides Podcast, and as promised we FINALLY have some intro and outro music!  I'm pretty pumped about it, and to you guys it will seem inconsequential but I really want to get this Podcast to professional levels, and in my mind, music is part of the deal.  We still have some steps to make, but a huge step nonetheless!

Todays conversation always seemed to go back to coaching principles no matter what the topic.
Coach Etch started us off by highlighting the fact that the CFL is very AVERAGE right now, using the fact that 5 of 9 teams are 4-2 as his basis, and talked a lot about Winnipeg and Saskatchewan while comparing the latter to the Wright Brothers and their struggles to get a plane up in the air.  Don't miss his comments on the whole Gary Lawless debacle and the way he successfully covered his a** after blowing up the Saskatchewan scene the week before. 
As a matter of fact, later on in the show, Coach brings up a very interesting thought about the history of the Saskatchewan Franchise, and how it relates to Grey Cup victories, and their philosophical views on a Head Coach.  The conversations really forces one to think about how teams garner SUSTAINABLE success.

We hit you with some Power Rankings now that the 1st 6 weeks of 2015 have been played, and before the show wraps up, we talk about who has the best defence in the league and why.  I always think it's funny talking defenses with Coach because he's always very frank when it comes to that side of the ball...today is no different.

Let us know what you think of the show content, AND the intro music.  Now that I know how to program all of that, we'll be taking INTRO REQUESTS!!!

Check back in tomorrow with us folks.  As usual the link to the show is embedded below.  In order to download the Podcast, click on the title, and it'll take you to the host site where you can go from there.

By the way...Sept 18th.  Rugby World Cup...New Zealand starts its title defense...Just Sayin...


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  1. Awesome podcast! Etch is a real treasure of info and analysis! Great work Luc!