Thursday, 6 August 2015

Offsides The Podcast...Episode 6

What's going down everyone?!?

It took us to the 6th episode but WE'VE FINALLY GOTTEN RID OF THE DELAY (that was happening as we waited to patch Etch in)!!!  No more 40 seconds of dead space at the beginning...It's about time!!! #Improvement #SlowlyButSurely

The music's coming as well, I anticipate I will be technically sound enough to manage that by next episode, so I'll get my DJ'ing on then (hopefully).  The bottom line is that we'll continue to work as hard as possible to bring you all a quality product.

Coach Etch and I had a great time doing todays podcast, and I hope you guys enjoy the discussion.

First up on the menu was a chat about media pressure to win, or produce, when things aren't going well.  We have a situation in Saskatchewan right now where the NATIONAL media is all over the Roughriders and the way they are handling this 0-6 start, so I figured it would be good to give you all a coaches point of view from somebody who has been grilled quite a bit by football media during his career. 

Take a good listen to this because as candid as Coach is about his views on reporters, and "experts" they really echo the sentiments of a lot of coaches in professional sports.  Coach uses 2010 as an example as he weaves his viewpoint, but doesn't hesitate to lay it down with comments like, "If you scrutinize them, and their jobs, they get their backs all out of place..."

Todays podcast also marks the start of Week 7 in the CFL, so we take a look at some of the best performers, by position, over the first 1/3 of the year.  I won't tip you guys off as to who Etch and I mentioned at the top of the individual lists, but it's funny how a couple of teams are constantly being mentioned in this segment, as it relates to the top players in the league.  For all of you Saskatchewan fans that enjoy this podcast, Etch dropped a bomb on me (per say) when he mentioned his top DB in the CFL so far.  I think many of you are going to scoff hard at his choice, but after thinking about the actual way teams create attacks, Etch's pick makes some sort of sense.  I'm not in the same boat in this case, as I really like a couple of cats at DB, but unfortunately, none play for our beloved Green and White.  I acutally am interested in hearing some of YOUR picks for guys at the top of their positions in the CFL now that we're 6 games deep!

We finished off with a look at this weeks games, that start today, and conclude the deal with talking about the winless Saskatchewan Roughriders.  You guys are really going to get a sense of why players liked playing for Etch so much, during BOTH of his stints in this province, when you listen to what he has to say about the guys strapping em on during Saturdays clash with the Argonauts.

Once again, thank you guys for the unreal support of this podcast, and everything we have going on here at

We'll hit you with the Gameday Primer tomorrow, and follow up with the GOTTA HAVE IT comment right as we're live on air with the Pre-Game show and 620 CKRM.

Have an amazing weekend folks.  The PODCAST is BELOW


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