Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Offsides...The Podcast. Episode 8

Episode 8 of our Offsides Podcast series via ProPerspective was done as Coach Etcheverry was just about to begin a coaches clinic with the high school coaches of a program out in Spokane Washington.  The game of football creates all sort of connections and roadways leading back to certain people that one meets over the span of their career, and that's no different for Coach Etch as he opens up explaining the connection that Spokane has to the Canadian Football League.
Moving forward todays show covered a couple of topics... 
While talking about the previous week of CFL action we touched on BCs loss of Solomon Elimimian and it got us into an interesting discussion on why a football scheme CANNOT be solely on a units best player.  The case study for this segment focused on the 2009/2010 Saskatchewan Roughriders including one of my All-Time favourite teammates and close personal friend Scott Anthony Schultz.
That hits early and is a cool comparison to BCs new problem in the Lions Den.
Following that, I challenged Etch and brought up the fact that some listeners scoffed at his "Sustained Success" musings last episode, because he himself, hadn't had any sustained success in the CFL.  A couple people brought up his ring-less stints in 2000, 2009, 2010, and 2014.
It's only right to let Etch answer those critics, and I'm sure you'll enjoy his response, and maybe analyse that as well.
As per usual we took a look into the coming week of CFL action where Coach gives us some handy points on why Edmonton is successful right now, and the way Trevor Harris has come in and really created some balance in that Rickey Ray-less Argonaut Offense. 
To close, we talked about this coming game on Saturday between the Calgary Stampeders and the Saskatchewan Roughriders...I for one am picking Saskatchewan against all odds, but Etch quickly threw a lot of shade on my pick and now I sit here not so confident in my prediction!  Check it out...
All in all, we had fun doing the show, and I hope you enjoy it.  Thanks so much for your overwhelming response, once again, and we can't wait to sit and visit with you all next week...
The show is embedded below, and if you want to download it to listen to later, just click on the title and you'll be brought to the hosting site, where you can pick it off...
Talk soon world!!!


  1. Kool ! really enjoy this Informative blog and these weekly conversations between you and coach Etcheverry. Thanx Mr. Mullinder, keep up the great work.


  2. Coach Etch really k owe his stuff. He paints the lines between perception and reality and convinces me more and more, that a lot of the local media types don't know jack! More than anything I think he has had a lot of hard luck with being on teams whose local spin doctors agenda was different than his. He shows the difference between being a champion and winning a championship. This guy really deserves a chance to coach in the pro's.