Thursday, 27 August 2015

Offsides...The PodCast Episode 9

I'll tell you what; if you guys liked the brief piece that we did here about Eddie Davis and Gene Makowsky's HOF weekend, you're going to love how Coach looks back on the brilliant career of Eddie Davis, in particular.  It was a great way to kick off our 9th episode of Offsides, and gives you all another glimpse into what it was like being around E.D!
Although he didn't spend as much time with Mean Gene, Etch speaks so highly of #60 and draws a great point to how some teams prepare for a CFL opponent.

Moving forward we touch on the inability of Etch's Early Season Coaching Fav's and their inability to get their teams to perform (Schonert & Tedford).  Humbly Etch ends up eluding to the fact that they've "underperformed" but also makes a few great points while doing so.

We spend a small time talking about the situation in Montreal and Jim Popp taking over for Tom Higgins who recently got pitched, but Etch brings up a valid reason as to why Jim Popp probably thinks he could be successful as an HC...let me know what you guys think.

As per usual, we delve into the upcoming halfway marker of the CFL season.  Some points to look forward too, are Hufnagels 'inner-circle' thoughts about how he views the Stamps as opposed to how the rest of us see Calgary, and Winnipeg's locker room thoughts on their Head Coach Mike O'shea.

We end the Podcast the same way we always do, and for many of you this will be the highlight of the show.  You've all heard Etch be quite positive about the Saskatchewan Roughriders and their plight thus far, and I think one of the reasons is that Etch has always taken the "underdog" mentality.  In todays sesh, Coach is abruptly definitive about the chances against Ottawa and it will give the Ridernation listeners quite a bit of confidence once they analyze his talking points.

As we continue to work to improve, suggestions are always welcome, as the most important aspect of this Offsides Podcast is YOU...the listener.

Thanks for all the love, the show is embedded below, and you can always download it for later by clicking on the title.

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