Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Picking Wk 10 in the CFL

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Another 3-1 week here at ProPerspective.ca and things are looking up!  It finally seems like we have a grip on some of these teams and their make-up.  Week 10 is a tough one as it comes right before the annual Labour Day games that are a special part of the Canadian Football League Season.  Looking at the schedule, there are actually a couple of games that seem like an obvious choice BUT only if the teams can focus in on the task at hand and avoid looking into the future, which is harder to do than some of you may think.

I’m excited because I get to travel to Ottawa and experience TD place for the first time since I played there as a youngster.  Hopefully I won’t be a bad omen to the Green and White and they’ll finally get off the snide.  It’s amazing to watch as the league actually starts zeroing in on Saskatchewan and the small Soap Opera that the Riders have become.  Hopefully this is the week that the DRAMA ends.

Below are the CJ Evans Home Designs CFL picks for Week 10.  Hope this helps folks!

Talk soon!!!

Montreal @ Hamilton

The Ti-Cats are undefeated at Tim Hortons field, and playing outside of their minds at this moment.  It’s hard to see anyone in the league walking in there and stealing a win, let alone a team that has been in the CFL headlines all year for the WRONG reasons.  Nobody outside the Montreal locker room has a fair handle on what’s exactly going on in La Belle Province, but hopefully with Jim Popp getting what he wanted all along and coaching the team, they’ll be able to focus squarely on FOOTBALL from here on out.
Division rivalry games are always exciting, and it’s going to be important for Hamilton to withstand the first few minutes of this game, as one can expect Montreal to put all their cards on the table throw their best offensive and defensive punches.  
If Hamilton is able to weather the storm during the 1st Quarter, it should be relatively smooth sailing, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the TiCats roll big here.
Pick: Hamilton
Toronto @ Edmonton
After giving up about 28 pts in turnovers, and getting embarrassed at home, this game is all about how Edmonton responds to adversity.  If the Eskimos want to be taken seriously as a Grey Cup contender they’ll have to be able to bounce back and beat an Argo team that has already gotten the best of them once this year.  What was most disappointing about the loss to Hamilton at home was the way in which the Eskimo Defensive line seemed to get bullied at times by the TiCat Offensive Front.  The Dline performance was indicative of the way the whole game went really, and with Chris Jones’ reputation as a fiery competitor, one can bet that the entire team will be challenged throughout the week and come ready to show the league that the aberration against Hamilton was just a brief slip-up.  Toronto is in tough.  Coming off a short week, they’ll have to avoid looking ahead to the Labour Day series against the TiCatsand find a way to weather the storm against a team that is out to prove that the CFL needs to take them seriously.
Pick: Edmonton
Calgary @ Winnipeg
While everyone here in Ridernation is debating a 65 yard Field Goal, or playing Arm Chair-Coach with a few scenario’s that transpired on Sunday, the reality of the Calgary/Saskatchewan game is that the Stampeders were the better team.  Like all Championship calibre organizations the Stamps displayed the resolve to capitalize on an adversary’s misfortunes, and the ability to control the clock in order to close out an opponent.  Yes folks, unfortunately it seems as though the Stamp Machineand all its play makers is clicking at 100% efficiency right now, and it’s tough to see many bright spots for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers as they come off their Bye-Week.  The Bombers may get their foot in the door if Calgary comes into Investors Group Field looking ahead to their Battle of Alberta match-up, but even that seems like a stretch knowing how well the Stampeders are coached.  
Pick: Calgary
Saskatchewan @ Ottawa
This game is tricky.  There will be a ton of people who pick Saskatchewan right off the bat because of the way in which the team played versus the defending Grey Cup Champions at home, and it just seems IMPOSSIBLE that the Green and White could drop their first 9…
Be cautioned though; the Ottawa RedBlacks are a good team when they’re on top of their game, and NOBODY wants to be the first team to lose to the Roughriders at this juncture of the  season.
Good Hank just came off a game where he went for over 425 yards and NO picks.  The RedBlack D sits 2nd overall in the league in total yards allowed and has proven all year that they can create turnovers and pressure the QB with their UNDERRATED Defensive Line.  This will be as tough a game as any to get that first win.
What does give the Roughriders a good shot at the ‘W’ in the Nation’s Capital, is the fact that Ottawa still struggles with inconsistency.  Despite the vast improvement from 2014 in their Secondary, the backend still goes through the occasional lapses in communication, and it hurt them in their Week 9 loss to Toronto.  The Ottawa Offense isn’t any different, and has struggled with inconsistency in the first half of the year, starting at the top with Shoe-In Hall of Famer Henry Burris.  One of the reasons for their lack of reliability is the absence of a viable run game; and that might be what puts the Saskatchewan Roughriders over the top. 
If the RedBlacks can’t get it going through the air early, there doesn’t seem to be anywhere that they can turn.
Moral victories, and playing well for 58 minutes is not something the Riders organization is going to start hanging their hat on.  This team needs to start winning IMMEDIATELY.  Thankfully they have stuck together throughout this ordeal, and the Character in the Locker Room continues to keep their spirits above water.  
On paper, both teams match-up well.  Everyone in the CFL knows what type of team they have in Saskatchewan; the kicker is that nobody is quite sure what they’ve got in Ottawa just yet...Take Sask here in a close one.
Pick: Saskatchewan


  1. I really hope and pray that your pick of a Rider victory is correct. I also hope Getzlaf is back.

  2. Ottawa will win in a close one but CC will be happy as he will say that they were CLOSE.