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Picking Wk 9 in the CFL

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DAAAM YOU OTTAWAAAAA!!!  We would have gone for our 1st perfect week of the year if it hadn't been for the RedBlacks putting up a stinker on the only time that ProPerspective have sat down and actually rooted for them.  Oh well, that's what you get when you believe the hype I guess...
Week 9 calls for FIREWORKS...BC and Montreal should be a great game that may come down to the wire, Edmonton and Hamilton is an unreal match-up, and Ridernation gets to boo the Stamps when they come to town on Saturday.  One things for certain: This year is flying by us.  It's hard to believe we're at the mid-way point.  Still lots of good football to be played, even in Saskatchewan despite what the naysayers may think.
As usual, here's some things to ponder as you go into your CFL conversations this week.
See you at Mosaic Stadium folks!  And for those of you in other CFL cities, big shout-outs to you for stopping by ProPerspective and showing some love.  Let us know what you think of the picks...
Talk soon folks!!!
Montreal @ BC
This game is a great way to start off the CFL week.  Both teams are evenly matched, and both teams need a win in order to keep pace with their respective division rivals.  The last couple of contests have been a nightmare for the BC Lions as they’ve had to go back-to-back against the CFL’s top two defenses.  Things don’t get any easier with the Alouettes.  The Angry Birds have shown the ability to lock teams down in order to stay in games, and they get to play the Lions coming off of a relatively short turnaround.
The Lions do get one break during Week 9, they’re back home,which is huge in this case because the Alouettes aren’t a great road team and they’re being forced to adjust their clocks 3 hours in order to make the trek all the way across the country.
It cannot be understated how much of a loss Solomon Elimimianis to the Leos.  I’d compare it to the loss of Doubles here in Ridernation.  BC will get on TV and say all the right things, however that was a killer in the locker room and obviously defensively.  
In order to mitigate the loss of their leader, the Lions are going to have to start fast, and avoid turnovers.  If Montreal is allowed to hang around into the 4th quarter, and is given one or two extra opportunities to move the field, things may turn sour for the Leos in front of their handful of supporters.
I like the Allouettes chances here.
Pick:  Montreal
Hamilton @ Edmonton
Two teams with a 5-2 record, two of the CFLs best defenses, and a Friday night game…It doesn’t get much better than that.  As this is being typed out, the Las Vegas odds makers have the Hamilton TiCats as a 2.5 pt favourite, and I don’t have a problem with that at all.  
One has to give the edge to Hamilton if their being honest with themselves.  Yes, the defensive battle is a good one, however, Hamilton stopping Matt Nichols or James Frankilin is more favourable than Edmonton stopping Zach Collaros and his group of talented WRs (even without #83).
Hamilton also has the Special Teams edge with their ability to roll out the league’s best scoring threat in Brandon Banks.
The bottom line to this game is that the Tabbies have proven that they’re a team capable of scoring in any phase of the game.  Home field isn’t a huge advantage either.  The TiCats cut their teeth early in the year by being road warriors and won’t be concerned about having to play outside of the “Coffee Grounds” at Tim Hortons field. 
Pick:  Hamilton
Ottawa @ Toronto 
Just when I go out on a limb and rent a seat on the Ottawa bandwagon for a change, they go ahead and crap the bed…It’s week 9 and this team is still a mystery to me.  It’s like the RedBlacks have adopted the whole “Good Hank, Bad Hank” mantra as their entire team slogan; Good RedBlacks/Bad RedBlacks
As for the Argos, they’ve fought their way through adversity over the past couple of weeks (really throughout the year) and have continued to find ways to win, which is a huge testament to their character, and the guys in their locker room.  Those trials and tribulations position teams for successful runs. Veteran Defensive End summed it up nicely in an interview this week, 
“This team, it’s not about 1 guy…there’s a special vibe in here…”
In my mind, this match-up is a case of a team that knows its identity vs a team that is still trying to confirm one. 
Pick:  Toronto
Calgary @ Saskatchewan
I originally thought this was a home game for the Stamps, and still gave the Riders a good shot at winning it.  Now that I’ve realized that it’s a home game at Mosaic Stadium, I’m even more confident that the Riders can come off the snide and steal one as the underdogs.  Throw the records out of the window here folks.  Whenever Saskatchewan plays the Stampeders, one can forget conventional football and expect a physical slug-fest.  As a former pro, privileged enough to have played in games like this one, I can tell you that players from both sides look for these games as soon as the CFL schedule is released and take a mental note of when and where it will all go down. 
After having the bye week to regroup and make changes, the Green and White are probably chomping at the bit to start Stampeder week and will be flying around at the beginning of the week as if it’s the first game of the year.  
Not only is it Calgary to kick off Week 9 in Saskatchewan, but players are probably just sick and tired of losing games; especially the way in which the losses have come.  Quite frankly, the guys have had enough; and now they’ve had a whole week to sit there and get their minds right. Eventually the feelings of anxiety and frustration, over performance, turn into a feelings of excitement knowing that the first WIN is right around the corner if they do things the right way. 
Practise leading up to Saturdays clash should be intense and maybe even a bit chirpy, however that is to be expected considering the gravity of the week.  This could very well be a game that sparks a fire that the Riders need to make things interesting in the West.
Like I said, throw the records out the window.  Calgary is in OUR HOUSE and they need to be dealt with.  Everyone has a game plan until they get hit in the mouth.  Hopefully the Riders are left standing when the dust clears.

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  1. MTL @ BC will be a tight one... I would give the edge to BC though. Def HAM over EDM. Agree with TOR taking it against OTT.... those BIG receivers are killer! I have to go with my head on CAL @ SK and take CAL.... I would LOVE for SK to win, but they're too much of an anomaly to me yet!!