Saturday, 29 August 2015

Wk 10 RedBlacks Primer

First off, I’m sorry for the lack of content this week.  I was hit with the flu, and for those of you who know me; I very rarely get sick.  The unfortunate side effect of never being sick, is that when I do get hit with something, it collapses me like a young Mike Tyson right hook…I’m still just coming out of it.


Speaking of coming out of it…


It’s time baby!  Saskatchewan get its first win this weekend in the Nation’s Capital.  Count on it!!!


Now that’s a hefty guarantee.  Thankfully I don’t have to do any of the heavy lifting, and if the team does manage to falter, a lot of folks will get caught up in the jargon that 0-9 will bring and forget I even said it.


The one thing I’m not going to do is sit here and act like I haven’t been in a locker room before and start piling on like so much of the media seems to be doing lately. 

Someone actually came up to me in Safeway this week and grilled me in front of the Organic Zucchini!  #WentWithTheTomatoes


“Luc...You don’t truly think the Riders are going to win this week do you?  How can you sit there and be so positive about this team with the state that they’re in?”


My answer:  “My bad man, Should be doing what other experts are doing, and getting on the radio, or in this blog, and mocking the Head Coach or MAKING FUN of how bad the defense has been?” #LikeIneverMissedAtackle


“No…” The man retorted as he fondled an onion, “But you could at least tell us what you really think.  There’s no way that we’re beating the Red Black on Sunday!”


My response came swiftly, “Well not with that attitude!”

Then I promised him that there was plenty of good reason as to why I think the Riders walk out of Ottawa with a W, and I shamelessly told him to “Check out the Primer” for my reasoning.

I also told him that I appreciated him coming over to chat, which is the truth.


He obliged, and grabbed an onion, unfortunately the one he originally caressed didn’t make the cut.

After finding the ripest tomatoes in the bunch, I grabbed three, and went about my business in the meat department…


So I guess now I have no real choice but to elaborate on my original picks in our Tuesday column.  It will make this Primer quick, however I ask for a reprieve due to physical condition!


Here’s my reasoning as to why Saskatchewan Roughriders will beat the Ottawa RedBlacks, in no particular order, and also some things that they’ll need to do in order to make our prophecies become true.


1) The RedBlacks secondary is good, but still struggles to communicate.  We mentioned this on Tuesday, but it’s an important point.  Saskatchewan doesn’t have tall rangy WRs in bundles like Hamilton, or Toronto, but what they do have is route combos that require a ton of communication in the back-end in order to hold up.  The RedBlacks have no problem with 1 on 1 battles, they can play with the best of them; however, they’ve shown the tendency to break down when it comes to opponents running in and out of different zone spots.  Last week against TO, Ottawa defenders repeatedly left receivers open by switching off coverage responsibilities at the wrong times, or following the wrong man for too long.  Saskatchewan is going to throw a number of route combos at the RedBlacks that will push their football IQ, and hopefully cause them to blow an assignment or two.  The Argos scored at least twice on errant coverages, hopefully the RedBlacks are willing to give a little again this week.


2) We can win the trench warfare.  The RedBlack Dline is deep, physical and talented.  It’s going to take a monster effort by our hoggies to protect the QB and run the rock, but they’ll get it done if they’re on their game.  It’s the Dline, specifically the interior that needs to step up this week.  Ottawa doesn’t have the stats to be able to say they can run the ball, however when they do, they try and get it done between the tackles.  Saskatchewan has been shaky there over the last couple of weeks, especially when trying to close out games.  The combo of our youngsters Tennant, and Connop mixed with the vet savvy of T.George MUST hold the line of scrimmage, and more importantly need to ensure that the Guards or Centres of the RedBlack Olinedon’t get to the 2nd level of the Roughrider D where things are moving fast for Knox and Brack.  I know it sounds ridiculous saying that the Riders need to force Ottawa to throw, but it works both ways.  The RedBlacks, especially their QB, are a team of highs and lows, and their Olinecracks under the right amount of pressure.  The same guards that we just mentioned having to stop in the run, are the same guards that are weak against agile defenders.  If the Roughriders continue to employ some stunts and games with their LB’s they’ll get to Burress who has a penchant for throwing an errant pass or two.


3) The Riders understand the situation they’re in.  This is as close to a must-win game as one could be in at this juncture of the year.  Everyone in Ridernation is going to be semi-cheering for the Stumps tonight in hopes that Winnipeg takes another L, but Saskatchewan has to do its part.  If this team has any type of post-season aspirations, or even just wants to create some momentum for themselves going in to its Labour Day festivities with the Bombers, they need a win on Sunday.  The RedBlacks will sit there and tell anyone that’s listening that they’re desperate for a win as well yada–yada-yada but it’s not even close.  The Saskatchewan Roughriders NEED TO WIN THIS GAME, more than any other game this year.  They’re starving wolves right now, the RedBlacks are not.


Three?  That’s it?  Three reasons???


Yes.  These teams are pretty evenly matched otherwise.  I’d give the advantage to our Special Teams in the crunch.  Sometimes that’s all one gets.  Sometimes that’s all one needs.


Cups up to the boys getting their first “DUB” in Ottawa!!!





  1. Sorry to say, they sh*t the bed again big time as the head coach embarrassed the team and its fan base, now sit 0-9.

  2. A lot has happened since this column.