Friday, 11 September 2015


Over the last 11 installments of this “Banjo Bowl” match-up between the Bummers and the Riders, it’s pretty much split down the middle as far as the winner goes.  With Saskatchewan coming out on top (but ultimately losing the most w/ the Doubles injury) of last year’s bout, the series sits at 6-5 for the Green and White.  You’ve all witnessed the atmosphere that surrounds these two teams when they face off; we’ve already gone all NCAA-ish, with this game, and created the Harold Ballard trophyI think it should feature a silver Banjo sitting on top of an assortment of crushed beer cans and the two mascots, but what do I know.


As a matter of fact, this trophy game/series may be exactly what the Dr. ordered for both of these squads.  Now they’ve got something to play for other than momentum.  Neither organization is going to be a Grey Cup contender unfortunately, so this ends up being like a participation trophy…JUST WHATEVER YOU DO, DON’T TELL JAMES HARRISON!


I had the privilege to be at this game last year, after I hosted the Riderville Tailgate party.

Not only was it my first time at Investors Group Field, but it was the first time (since hanging up the cleats) that I got to sit in the stands as a Banjo Bowl observer.

I’ll tell you what…The intensity and excitement that the Winnipeg crowd generates is UNREAL.  It’s definitely an experience that should be on all CFL fans bucket list. #EspeciallyTheRumHut

It’s too bad that the fans haven’t been treated to a winning brand of football yet, they’re some of the best in the league and definitely deserve to be rewarded.


The Saskatchewan Roughriders should win this game.  Simple.  They’re the better team in all 3 phases.  What may be even more important is that they’re the SAME team.  From what we can all see when we look at the depth chart, Saskatchewan has only made one roster spot switch, and it’s in the special teams/depth department.  Positive consistency is something that the Riders have not had all year in their locker room and familiarity goes a long way when it comes to winning games. Having the same guys playing the same spots on offense, especially for the Riders young QB, is a blessing.  It helps timing, and encourages confidence.   


As for the opponent?  The Blue Bombers are in tough.  They’re scrambling.  Throwing Pat Tracey, the SPECIAL TEAMS COORDINATOR, under the bus when your team sits LAST in total offense and 7th in total defense may satisfy the mob temporarily, but they’ll be lighting their torches and reaching for their pitchforks as soon as another ‘L’ gets scribbled into the history books.


Realistically what we will all be treated to is another “feelings game”.  And as far as “bang for your buck goes” it will be well worth it!


The Green and White will be amped up on confidence and enthusiasm as they anxiously wait to hit the field in the one of the CFLs most hostile environments.

Winnipeg will feed off the energy that their loyal fans will create.  That energy we speak of will multiplied considerably when one takes into account all of the cross-town animosity.


This all equates to another fun filled addition to the Banjo-Bowl storyline that we all mark on our calendars.  It may not be a battle of Super-Powers this year, but thankfully the rivalry has churned out enough emotion that this will always be special no matter what year of the CFL we’re in.


Be warned Ridernation, after this it’s back to the harsh reality of the remaining schedule…but who cares…for now, crack a Pil, smack a Bomber fan, and enjoy another game that makes the CFL special.

Cups up to the boys going 1-0 this week.  #SeeYaBombers




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