Sunday, 6 September 2015


While we've all been lost in the JO and "Rollin the Dyce" jargon, the one guy who's slipped under the radar here is Greg Quick, Saskatchewans Defensive Coordinator. ITS GQ TIME!

Before Corey Chamblin departed, Quick began having more of a role as a play-caller within the Defensive Unit, and today will be the first time that all the ideas, the mentality, and the calls will be coming from the man up in the Press Box (or down on the field should he switch it up).

Upon his arrival here in the spring, Quick was adamant that this Defense was going to be a fast attacking aggressive we get to see just what he's been keeping in his back pockets while Chamblin ran the show here. 

His opponent, Marcel Bellefueille isn't a coach who is going to show anything to complicated or new, so the film study they've done this far in Winnipeg shouldn't deviate on field today. 

New direction, new excitement, and new DC...In order to get the 'W' the Riders must employ a confident and aggressive scheme lead by its new play-caller.

GREG QUICK. Welcome to the spotlight...WE GOTTA HAVE IT!!!

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