Saturday, 12 September 2015



That's really what football is all about when it comes down to it; but the reason the Riders need to harness the mental aspect of the game in the Banjo Bowl is because the environment that they're walking into is one of the more raucous crowds in the CFL; especially when the Bombers have some momentum.

If you read our Banjo Bowl Primer, we know that the Green and White have the better team, the Riders proved that last week; however to re-affirm their dominance this week the Roughriders are going to have to play through the HI's and LOW's that come along with playing in a hostile building. 

Two reasons that Mental Focus is imperative today: 

1) Saskatchewan has to deal with adversity like sudden change, plays over 15 yards, and field position challenges in order to keep the crowd from playing a role in this battle. 

2) The boys have to ensure that they don't give Winnipeg any extra opportunities that they don't deserve.

Players need the ability to be able to move onto THE NEXT PLAY regardless of how good or how bad the previous play was, and they also have to have a grip on the pillars of any successful play: Alignment, Assignment, and Execution.  

In a game that the Green and White should win, they need to be locked in for all 60 minutes of one of the more chippier games in their schedule...None of this happens without MENTAL FOCUS...The Rider GOTTA HAVE IT today!!!

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