Saturday, 19 September 2015

Gameday...GOTTA HAVE IT!!!

Have you ever heard a coach say, "We gotta set the edge..."?

If you have; what that coach is referring to is always having a defender be the last guy on the outside of the line of scrimmage, essentially "containing"  everything that is happening to his inside. 

Now setting the edge today is going to come in many shapes and forms. 
One of the first responsibilities that our edge setters (DE, LB, or maybe a DB) is going to have is ensuring that Henry Burris does not get to the outside with his legs, something that at 41 years of age, that he is still able to do.  If the Saskatchewan coverage holds up in the secondary, and the Dline is able to apply pressure, the Riders CANNOT lose contain and give the RedBlacks new life with drive-extending runs.  Burris still has it in him to kill a team with 1 or 2 1st down runs.

Another example of "edge setting" that the Green and White will have to get done is when the RedBlacks run the ball with Jeremiah Johnson.  When Ottawa looks to pound the rock , their intentions start between the tackles, but for their BIG PLAYS they'll look to get out to the sideline.
Jason Maas will call plays that constantly pull offensive linemen in an effort to get blockers to the outside and utilize the width of the field.  What the RedBlacks will also do is run their WRs as bombers at the last man on the Line Of Scrimmage and look to deal all the defenders to the inside.
ALL IF THIS is going to be done in an effort to provide Johnson with Real Estate outside near the hashes. 

They've got a lethal passing attack, and skill players all over the field, but if Saskatchewan wants to force the Ottawa RedBlacks into quick 2 & OUTs, the Green and White are going to have to have a solid edge presence and keep everything on their inside shoulders.

SETTING THE EDGE IS CRUCIAL TODAY FOR THE WIN on a beautiful Saskatchewan night!


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