Saturday, 5 September 2015

Labour Day Primer

It's cold, it's raining, it's a Saturday morning at 10:30am, the Riders are 0-9; and the line-up to Saskatchewan Roughrider Fan Day is already around the corner...That's Ridernation for you folks.

With playoff hopes being dimmer than a broken 3 watt lightbulb, and a mid-season coaching change; The Labour Day Classic is SOLD OUT. #Unreal

Shooot, the Argos CAN'T GIVE THEIR GAME TIX AWAY, and they're fighting for 1st in the East! Imagine if they were 0-9...MLSE wouldn't be talking about BMO Field; they'd be playing their games in the parking lot of Canada's Wonderland.

As a player (especially those guys from bigger NCAA programs) this Labour Day game is the closest environment to a college rivalry that they'll experience in the CFL.  One can't help but notice the increase in Rider paraphenelia and how many more Green and White jerseys are on display around Regina.  Mix in all the vagrants wearing stained Bomber t-shirts that have hitch-hiked their way from out east and you've got the makings of a great weekend.

But let's be honest...This game isn't exactly being billed as a Clash of the Titans; and for good reason.  That's why in our Tuesday "Picking Wk 11 in the CFL" column we talked about the euphoric emotions that all the recent front office changes have caused...Those emotions mixed with the anticipation of the moment, caused by events like fan day, are what makes this game exciting. It sure isn't Brian Brohm or Lirim Hajrullahu that's getting us all fired up. 

For those guys that get to strap up the Labour Day specific unis, it's nice to be able to get lost in the moment and not have to focus solely on the fact that the job interview process has now been taken up a notch.  Not only are the men in that locker room playing for each other, they'd be crazy not to understand that the majority of this team is being evaluated like by never before. #NewGMnewIdealsNewPath #ItsTheBiz

This 2015 Saskatchewan Roughriders team has 9 more opportunities to show the watchful eyes of the CFL what it's made of.  New coach, and new GM included, although Jeremy O'Day has been pegged as the incumbent here since he retired.  Like every year, there will be change when the final whistle of the last competition is blown. But this year the change has potential to be "sweeping". 

For now, it's going to be great getting entangled in the pageantry.  I'm no historian but I can't remember the last time the Green and White lost this Labour Day game. Even the stats are behind the Riders, teams are something like 27-4 in the game after a mid-season coaching change. One of my favourite memories about playing in this game is leaving the stadium after every WIN and ALWAYS seeing Bomber fans sulking on their way up Albert St. doing their walk-of-shame to the Off Sale...This is as close to a guaranteed W as we can get this year.  

Mosaic has to be a MAD HOUSE tomorrow.  The players will match whatever energy level the crowd gives off.  Tomorrow all the problems, questions, and anxiety gets stuffed under the rug.  We'll address it when the euphoria wears off.  

It's going to be a great day. There hasn't been many in Ridernation, but tomorrow will be a great day. 

Cheers to the fellas going 1-0 this week.  The Bombers don't want it as bad as those guys in the locker room do.



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  1. The opening coin toss could once again determine the fate of the Riders on a windy day. It will be nice if we can finally win a toss.