Monday, 7 September 2015

Mailbag Monday!!!

After a LONG hiatus, our Mailbag Monday Column makes a triumphant return.  We’ve been getting a TON of questions for this segment of but unfortunately, health and timing played a major role in not getting this segment out to you guys over the last couple of weeks.  I have been trying to get to some of the Twitter ones, but obviously that’s been tough as well.  

Anyway, the bottom line is we’re back, and I took some of the more interesting questions as of late to answer quickly because we’re all wrapped up in the Labour Day Double Header that the CFL has hit us with today.

Get your questions in for Next Mondays Mailbag!  As always, you can leave them in the “comment section” of this blog or via Twitter (@lucmull95).

Talk soon folks!

Via Twitter

What’s a realistic record over the final 8 games for the New Look Saskatchewan Roughriders?


Looking at the schedule coming up the Riders have a favourable run.  Winnipeg in the Banjo Bowl will be tough no matter how bad the Bombers are, but it’s a winnable game.  Then the Green and White have Montreal and Ottawa, both at home, and travel to a fragile BC Lions Den.  If Saskatchewan can harness some momentum against the Bombers and a GOOD Montreal team, one would have to assume that they had an outside shot at home versus the RedBlacks.  

It’s hard to envision the Riders moving through any part of their schedule with relative ease but stringing together 4 in a row before heading to BC is manageable with momentum and continued improvement.  The tough part is that after the next 5 games the Riders get a heavy dose of the League’s top teams.  After the road trip to BC, Hamilton, Calgary and Edmonton all await Canada’s team, and one would expect that all of those teams will be jockeying for playoff positioning and preparing to finish out the year on a high note.

Getting the 1st WIN was huge, running the table on the next 4 is doable, but winning 3 is more likely.

That would put the team at a total of 5 wins for the year.  


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What happened in the Regina Thunder vs Saskatoon Hilltops game?


On Offense, the Hilltops did a good job of staying within their system and executing.  I thought they did a great job of being aggressive on defense as well.  

I can’t speak for our offense but on defense, we weren’t as physical as we needed to be at the point of attack, and lacked the fundamental things that teams need to do well in order to win big games (like proper form tackling). 

Overall I’m confident that as coaches we’ll give our players the tools they need to be successful for the re-match on Sunday.  Coach MacAulay does a great job of re-focusing the team in all situations and all we have to do is correct some schematic issues and get back to the fundamentals.

The PFC is a tough conference and what makes Saturday’s loss frustrating from a team standpoint (aside from not getting the W) is that now we have to turn around and not only beat the Hilltops, but due to the points for and against system that the league runs on, we have to beat them by more than 18.


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The NFL is final here…Who ya got Luc?


As an avid Dallas Cowboys fan I will always be focused in on what’s going on in Jerry’s World.  I think we’ve got a good shot at winning the conference and making some headway in the playoffs.  Other than that I keep a close eye on every team that has a player on my Fantasy League Roster.  There’s nothing like sitting on your couch cheering for your QB to throw a TD pass while at the same time hoping that it’s not to one of his receivers that your opponent is playing!  Also, like all good football programs, I too have a tradition in my organization…just like all the previous Fantasy Leagues I’ve been in, I will never have a Michigan Wolverine on our roster.  Pretty adamant about that!


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Do CFL players get into the whole Fantasy League thing?


ABSOLUTELY.  One of the things I used to love about the locker room is all the cool things that we did together that made us a tight knit group.  Having a Fantasy League running between a bunch of your boys on the squad, or an NFL Eliminator Pool, not only puts bragging rights up in the air on a weekly basis, but it also makes for the great conversations during treatment sessions or prior to meetings etc.  Anything that teams can share together is a good thing.  

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  1. Hi, Luc. Love your column and your broadcasting expertise.

    Will there be a Riderville event in Winnipeg for the Banjo Bowl? Thousht you would know!