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Mailbag Monday!!!

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What do you make of the Hufnagel rumours being floated around the CFL?  What about JO?


The only reason that this rumour gained so much momentum is because it was Hufnagel at the centre of it.  Right now it’s not really worth talking about because Huff’s trying to win a Grey Cup in Calgary and won’t dignify the gossip past his brief statement that he made last week.  

It’s a curious thought as to why John Hufnagel would even want to leave Calgary this late in his career for a situation in Saskatchewan that requires a lot of re-tooling IN A NUMBER of areas.

Unless the Riders open the vault with an out of this world financial deal (which they can do) and give Huff the keys to the franchise, one can’t see the CFLs best GM/HC switching hats.


From here on out there’s going to be a ton of different “reports” that surface around the CFL about the Saskatchewan Roughriders and what their next move should be, especially after having dropped their past game in Winnipeg.


In the case of Jeremy O’day, the best thing that he can do is continue to make moves that are based on the future of the organization, and not what he sees as a quick-fix over the next few weeks.  At the end of the year, JO is going to be able to sit with Craig Reynolds, outline his plan moving forward, and show how the moves that he made so far fit that blueprint.  


Right now, out of all the names that the media has thrown around, aside from Hufnagel, Jeremy O’Day is the best fit for this franchise moving forward.  

When people throw out the name John Murphy, who is Huff’s assistant GM in Calgary, one should ask, why go with an assistant GM from somewhere else when you’ve had one here getting prepped?

The same can be said about Joey Abrams from Montreal.

Another name that has been thrown around is Eric Tillman, but as good as Tillman is, it’s hard to see the Roughriders brass heading down that road for a second time.


I’m not saying that the Saskatchewan Roughriders shouldn’t do their due diligence and check out all of the organizations options.  What I am saying is that Jeremy O’day already has a leg-up here and has the rest of the season to solidify his prospects and forge a new direction.



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If KG is healthy and ready to go, do the Riders play him?


When healthy and when it's safe, Kevin Glenn gives this team the best chance to win, and he should be taking the snaps as the number 1 QB.  The decision making, offensive production, and pace, under KG was far more efficient; and that is to be expected when one compares a capable rookie like Smith to an experienced vet like KG.

Realistically it's really a question of what the team wants to accomplish moving forward...

If the Riders want to win every game, they need to play their best players available; if the Green and White want to develop some of the younger guys and take a look at others moving forward, then It wouldn't hurt to leave Brett Smith with the 1s. 

Maybe the Riders want to do a little bit of both?  I'd still be inclined to take Glenn here as well simply because it puts other offensive players the team wants to look at in a position to be successful.

Smith definitely has a future here in Saskatchewan but we have to remember that he wasn’t auditioning to be the new Franchise QB, we already have one of those.  Smith was auditioning to be considered for the back-up roll and MAYBE to be the guy later on down the line.


YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME (*in my Herm Edwards voice) and if Saskatchewan wants to be successful in these last few weeks, then their best wager would be to insert Glenn as long as he's 100% ready to go.  That’s not a shot at Brett Smith either.  If the Green and White do go with Glenn, the conversation with Smith will still be a very positive one.  The young QB did some good things during his time at the helm and his potential speaks for itself.  To his credit, he made some of you forget he was started out as the 3rd string QB here in Saskatchewan prior to Durant and Glenn going down.

Right now the best chance for the Roughriders to win lies in a healthy Kevin Glenn but the front office can also be really happy about what they saw in 1st year Quarterback Brett Smith.


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If you could form your Ultimate CFL Coaching staff from this year, who would the main guys be?


Wow!  Unreal question…


We’re obviously going to have to take ego and money out of this but I’d pluck most of Hamilton’s staff actually.  My HC would be Kent Austin, and I would want Orlondo Steinauer in as my DC.  I’d also bring in Jeff Reinebold as my Special Teams Coordinator.  My OC would be Scott Milanovich and I’d let him choose his WR and RB coaches but I would be pretty adamant about the Oline Coach; and for that I would hire Doug Malone of the BC Lions.  As far as rounding out my D under Steinauer, Mike Sinclair would be my choice as Dline coach, Ike Charlton would get my vote as DB coach and I would get Mike O’Shea to handle the LB duties.


As a bonus, I’d take John Hufnagel to be my President of Football Operations and Jeremy O’Day as GM!


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Is there a point where the players mentally shut down and realize that there’s nothing to play for?


There is plenty to play for.  The Saskatchewan Roughrider locker room is one of the closest knit locker rooms in the league, and the last thing that guys are going to do is give up and leave their teammates to carry on.


Most importantly, the players are auditioning for their jobs; whether it be with Saskatchewan or elsewhere in the CFL.  


We’ve talked about this before but no team looks the same from season to season.  There are always changes.  This off season the changes in Saskatchewan will be drastic.  Whether JO has the interim tag removed or not still remains to be seen, but there may be a change at the Head Coaching spot.  Any new coach that comes into Riderville is going to want a staff of assistants that he is comfortable with, and the entire coaching staff here now is made up of hand-picked Corey Chamblin guys.  New Coach equals whole new staff here (potentially).

To add to that, when Roughriders President Craig Reynolds does make a final call on the GM spot; that GM (even if it’s O’Day) may have very specific views about things like the roster, the ratio, and what type of players he wants to build with…


With all of that being said, every player that suits up in the Prairies is auditioning to be part of the new regime here, whatever that may look like, and if they don’t fit the bill, then they are auditioning to be picked up by one of the other 8 teams that make up the CFL.


It’s all about what one puts on tape.  The guys will still play for each other, and nobody has to be outright selfish, but every one of them knows what awaits the end of this year starting with their exit interviews.  

Those who think there’s nothing to play for will be out of a job here, and potentially across the CFL.


Changes are coming…




Thanks for your questions folks.  Keep them coming in the comment section of every column here at ProPerspective, or via Twitter (#lucmull95). 

I’m glad that you guys find some value in this phase of our blog!




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  1. As much as anyone I have enjoyed watching the rookie Smith compete with tons of heart and grow doing it, he has performed admirably being a rookie 3rd string QB thrust into a very tough situation. But that said, KG provides the best chance to win, give JO and the organization a chance to properly assess the other offensive players fighting for jobs going forward. I am assuming receivers and running backs would prefer having KG running the offence, not only for the chance to win but it also helps them perform while auditioning for next year.

    If Smith is to be the the QB to eventually replace DD, he is gonna have to wait for many years to come anyway so there will be plenty of time for him to be groomed to do that. If he is good enough to be a starter he may sign elsewhere as a free agent looking to play and be paid as a starter before its time to replace DD anyway. So I say start KG, but still get Smith, and Price some game time. (life is not fair but, it seems unfair to the rest of the offence not to put the best QB in the game)

    As a player, would you rather the team go with the players that give you the best chance to win, and a better chance to look good on film for next year, or try to groom rookies that MIGHT be the future of the franchise?