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Mailbag Monday!!!

The OFFICIAL PLAYOFF PUSH is underway in the CFL, and we find ourselves looking at the potential playoff scenarios with a lot more questions than answers.  

Here in Riderville, the nation is thrilled at what transpired here against the Alouettes and we’re all hoping that that was just a glimpse of the things to come over the next 5 weeks as far as the Green and White are concerned.

Once again we’ve truncated a couple of the questions that we’ve been asked to talk about in order to avoid speaking on the same topics but here are the inquiries that came up during (and after) Week 14 in the CFL…

As always, thank you guys so much for the questions, keep em coming in the comment section or via Twitter (@lucmull95)

Let’s get into it!!!

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Should we buy into the hype that there is still a post-season opportunity?


Absolutely.  Let the analysts be the realists hereWhen you’re a loyal supporter of your favourite club there should always be a ray of hope.  As a lifelong Dallas Cowboy fan, there have been years where veiled hope is all that we have as a fan base, and that’s just enough to keep us coming back, week after week, despite what the experts say.  If you’re a fan, keep believing in the boys because their optimism has not yet subsided, and the way in which they played Sunday revealed the type of character that exists within the team walls.


Any glimmer of hope right now is a valuable bar of gold to the guys in the Saskatchewan Roughrider Locker Room.  No matter how slim their chances are; they’re still chances nonetheless.


We talk about the need to control the things that you can control all the time on air, or on this very blog, and right now the Green and White are in “Win now and let the rest play out”mode, which is fuel for any competitive fire that the Roughriders have.

That mantra is also far better than the alternative, “We’re playing for our jobs” line that everyone outside the locker room is attaching this season to.  

Football is all about the competition, and as long as there is a reason to compete, that reason needs to glorified and harnessed because it’s one of the big reasons why this team is still capable of playing at a high level.


Once the mathematical chances of a post season berth is taken from the organization then it will be time to find another motivational factor, for the guys to use, in order to get up for the remaining games.  Ridernation can’t give up now.  The team hasn’t and neither should its supporters.


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Since Greg Quick took over as Defensive Coordinator, the Defense has played much better.  What can this be attributed to?


If I could summarize the defensive improvement with one word, it would be “CONSISTENCY”.  The Roughriders have chosen one formula, and stuck with it.  


If we take a look at their scheme, specifically upfront, the Riders have backed off getting fancy, with their substitution packages and groupings, and have relied on their 4 man front to provide the QB pressure.  Sure, Greg Quick been more aggressive with their blitz intentions as well, but the Riders are letting the guys upfront (who are coached by one of the best in the biz, Mike Sinclair) be the foundation for what they do.


It looks as though the Overall game plan on Defense is a lot more consistent as well.  There doesn’t seem to be any MAJOR changes in scheme from week to week, and the players aren’t having to install a new defense with every opponent.  This goes a long way in terms of continuity, and the consistency of the scheme allows guys to get comfortable with the things they are being asked to do, and allows them to play with confidence and speed.  The turnovers and sacks have gone up, and so has the speed at which the team is playing.  It’s a testament to Greg Quick knowing his players and simplifying things in order to allow them to play to the heights of their ability.  


Consistency has gone a long way in changing the way the defense has attacked their opposition.


It is also a worthy side note to add that I absolutely love the energy level at which Coach Quick operates.  He’s constantly going up and down his bench when the offense is on the fieldtalking and making sure his guys are alright, and on the same page.  Coach Quick is also the first one there celebrating a big play as the players come off the field, and one can tell that the guys appreciate his enthusiasm.  


Attitude reflects leadership, and Greg Quick has stepped up to the plate when this team has needed him the most.  #Salute


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What’s your outlook on the final 3rd of the year?


I’m pretty excited about the way the Eastern Conference finishes out.  It’s going to be a dogfight (excuse the terminology) for all three of the Conference playoff spots, and with Hamilton having some adversity thrown at them as of late, it’s going to make for a dramatic ending.  


It’s a two pony show as far as the West is concerned, in my opinion, and watching Calgary and Edmonton fight for playoff bye week rights will be nice because they’ll have to deal with other teams trying to throw every wrench into their plans as they can.  Obviously the situation at the bottom of this conferencelooks far more intriguing right now.  After watching Montreal lay an egg at Mosaic Stadium on Sunday, there’s no telling what is going to happen with that final playoff spot here.  It’s been odd watching BC, Winnipeg, and Saskatchewan flounder, while giving the 4th place Eastern team hope, but now one has to figure that a Western team should still get the nod for that last rung.  That battle (for the 3rd spot) may end up being a lot more entertaining that we thought headed into this weeks slate of games.


Realistically, the entire Canadian Football League is one major injury away from having its entire post season outlook rocked so one will be hard pressed to find any fan base that will be overly confident in their squad.


The mantra around here has been that “No Lead is Safe” perhaps we should change that to “No Team is Safe”…It would definitely sound more appropriate.






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