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What’s the word folks?!?  Today’s edition of our Mailbag addresses the three main issues that you guys have been talking, and asking about, ESPECIALLLY now that we’ve completed Week 13 in the CFL.

It seems like everyone in Ridernation has officially started the transition phase here now that Henry Burris came in here and threw a bucket of water onto the small flame of hope that we still had burning for the playoffs.  I’ve truncated all of your questions down into 3 main talking points, and have done my best to answer them from a former pros position and from the analyst chair that I can spin in once in a while.

Love your enthusiasm for this column, keep your questions and comments coming to the blog or via Twitter (@lucmull95).

Talk to you soon everyone…Here’s our discussion for today…

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What can we make of the Kevin Glenn trade talk?


If it were up to me, Kevin Glenn is in a Saskatchewan Roughrider uniform next season and the only way that he’s not would be if a team were to make Jeremy O’Day a Godfather Pt. 1 offer that he could not refuse.  This offer would have to consist of, but not be limited to, a Canadian starter (preferably on the Defensive side of the ball) and at least one 1st-4th round draft pick or two 3rd-5th round picks MINIMUM.


The CFL is at a point where teams ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE 2 STARTING QUALITY QBs in order to win a Championship.  That’s simply where we are as a league, and while the Green and White have KG, he needs to be valued at the same level as guys like Weston Dressler and BrendoLabatte.  Look around the CFLthe only teams that aren`t concerned about their QB situations are Toronto (who has Ray and Harris) and Calgary (with Mitchell and Tate).  This organization should hold onto the tandem of Doubles and KG unless the pot is sweet.  The bad luck that befell both Durant and Glenn shouldn`t take from the fact that the original pairing was a brilliant one.  The Roughriders just got hit with a lottery-like set of circumstances.


The next few steps are crucial for this organization, and even though everyone on the outside wants to start a rebuild and ‘take a look towards the future’ our front office understands that this does not equate to a fire sale.  If teams want an incredibly valuable asset from Saskatchewan, they will have to be willing to part with something substantial.  This is not UNICEF where the Roughriders are just going to be in the business of only helping others.


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Are the Roughriders going to pursue Marc Trestman?


Let’s get this said right here.  Trestman would be a great fit in some capacity here but the man is currently in WEEK 2 with the Baltimore Ravens as their Offensive Coordinator.  He’s not going to entertain any offers unless he is fired, or the 2015/2016 NFL season CONCLUDES.  Trestman would be an interesting hire and there all sorts of guys, like Anthony Calvillo, whose names would start popping up as potential Coordinators and assistants.  The fact of the matter is that Trestman isn’t sitting on looking around at potential coaching/GM scenarios folks, he wants to be in the NFL…we don’t even know if the two-time Grey Cup winning coach would have an interest in being a GM and bench boss at the same time.  He would be worth his weight in gold depending on what role that he would want however that conversation is a ways away.  


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Who’s the favourite in the Eastern Conference now that Hamilton might be without Zach Collaros? 


We talked about this for a minute on the Post-Game show on 620 CKRM and after I thought about it, I still think Hamilton is the team to beat in the East.  The TiCats still have the CFLs best Defensive unit and scheme, and are still at the top of the league when it comes to Special Teams.  I look at the way their game ended against Edmonton, and saw it as them being unprepared to deal without Collaros THAT GAME, versus not having a good QB.


Kent Austin and Tommy Condell will work endlessly to adjust their scheme to fit whatever signal caller that they go with, which is also a reason why I don’t see them reaching out seriously to bring in a guy like Kevin Glenn.  One of the messages that Austin delivered with consistency while he was here in Saskatchewan was having to be able to respond to adversity and come out ahead.  Losing Collaros is a huge blow to Hamilton, but I think they’ll be able maintain success.  
The TiCats may drop a couple games that they wouldn’t have under their #1 QB, however with the way that the rest of their team is put together, I still think they can win that division, HOWEVER the Grey Cup is a whole different ball game.  Without Collaros, it’s going to be hard to defeat whoever comes out of the West.



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  1. With such a low Canadian dollar, you can be sure that Trestman will want to stay in the US rather than come North and earn Cdn $ - been there and done that.