Thursday, 10 September 2015

OFFSIDES, The PodCast...Episode 11!

Interesting discussion on todays 11th Episode of Offsides...It seems as though Coach Etch has found another "statistic", if you will, or maybe a better term would be "ratio" that one can use when they are considering an organizations team outlook.  I think that watching the CFL action from a distance has given Etch a chance to study up on some things he normally wouldn't have looked at if he was coaching and this "Cohesion Analysis" that he talks about today is something that stems from his perch as an observer.
We touch on the situation in Montreal which Etch has some very stern feelings about, obviously based on the fact that Coach is a stickler for "earned" opportunities etc etc.  With Schonert out, and AC and Dinwiddie taking the play-calling duties, the whole situation seems a little "Montreal-Ish" to coin a phrase from my good friend Rod Pedersen. 
Today's show also looks in on the situation that Toronto is coming up on with Ricky Ray getting better and better by the day.  I asked Etch how coaches view these scenario's and his response actually provides a fair glimpse into how Milanovich and his staff MAY be looking to handle the minor dilemma that they have.

Like we do for every show, we perused through the upcoming slate of CFL action which features Re-Matches from the past Labour Day Weekend.  Spolier Alert:  It looks as though that Etcheverry has totally given up on the BC Lions, and at one point puts it very bluntly...
"BCs defense is horrific!

The show finishes off on a positive note for Rider Fans across the CFL, when it comes to the upcoming Banjo Bowl tilt...Etch hits us off with another quote that pretty much sums up the state of the Franchise, and allows you to go into this weekend with a pretty good feeling about the Green and Whites chances.

Take some time out of your weekend to catch some NCAA College Football if you can...Michigan State University squares off against Oregon (#5 vs, #7) and it's sure to be a classic!
also, The Regina Thunder take on the Saskatoon Hilltops at Mosaic Stadium on Saturday in an effort to redeem themselves after a tough loos last weekend in 'Toon Town.

This weeks show is embedded below and remember that all you have to do is click the title in order to be sent to the hosting site (PodBean) where you can download the PodCast for later. 

Talk Soon Folks!

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