Wednesday, 23 September 2015

OFFSIDES...The PodCast Ep 13

Lucky Number 13 Folks!!!

Hopefully not a bad omen because we certainly enjoyed the topics of discussion today!

From the onset we get into Etch's view on Hamilton losing Zach Collaros, and hopefully draw a close to that chapter.  We also get into the unreal performance of Henry Burris up to this point of the CFL season where I also try and get Coach to give Jason Maas a little bit of credit for his play calling...I'LL GIVE YOU ONE GUESS HOW THAT WENT hahaha!

As we get into the meat of the PodCast I have Etch give us some insight as to how a coach would look at their situation if they were part of a 1-11 team, and he hits us with a similar situation that he went through with a past coaching staff.  There's some good value that you guys will get out of it, and maybe it'll allow you to put yourselves into Coach Dyce's shoes (and anyone else for that matter).

Episode 13 falls on the point of the schedule where the final 3rd of the season begins, so it was a great chance to do some heavy forecasting into what may transpire over the final stretch run in 2015.  The more we talk about the potential playoff scene, the more I'm hearing talk of the possibility of an Eastern Crossover, that would be historical, and Etch drops some knowledge there as well...

As we continue to try and get better every week, keep in mind that we're always open to ideas and ways to improve.  Just let us know what you guys want, and if it's within our reach, we'll get it IN!

Hope you enjoy the discussion folks, it was funny because today I thought I caught Etch going wildly off topic and I was quickly schooled in the art of drawing the bigger picture, so check out the link below, click on it to download for later, and we'll give you Episode 14 when we pick up next week.

Preciate all your love folks.  We'll talk soon!!!

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