Wednesday, 2 September 2015

OFFSIDES...The Podcast. EPISODE 10!

Many apologies for the disappearance folks.  I begin our 10th episode of our OFFSIDES Podcast trying to provide a bit of an explanation for the lack of content, however, if this was a school occasion, I would have the appropriate DRs note in order to excuse my absence for the past few days.  THE FLU IS NO JOKE, I was down for the count!!!

Anyway, we're back at it, and it's really perfect timing due to all the change that has taken place within the Saskatchewan Roughriders organization in the last couple of days.

Much of the Podcast today is spent on discussing "Sustained Success" seeing as it was a phrase that was used quite a bit as the new Riders Brass discussed one of the important keys moving forward for the Green and White.

Coach and I went back and forth debating various subject matters including guaranteed coaching contracts, and the value of LEADERSHIP in the case of the Riders, and really the overall picture for all sports teams.

Obviously everything centred around Jeremy O'Day, Bob Dyce and their new roles within the organization, both of which I believe they are ready for.  I've been vocal about my belief in JO, and can't wait to see his moves now, and in the future, because I believe that he's going to be a GREAT GM.  Maybe later this week I'll touch on the reasons that I think the former anchor of the Saskatchewan Oline is going to be successful.

Coach Etch is far more cautious and brings up a number of arguments as to why we should "wait and see" however he also makes sure that he voices his hopes that JO does an amazing job.  Both him and O'Day entered the CFL in the same year, as a player and coach respectively.  Even though Etch throws caution to the wind, he is a huge fan of Jeremy O'Day.
We do get into the CFL week that's upon us, so we don't deviate too much, however I think you guys will enjoy this episode of OFFSIDES, and it feels really good to be back at after a little hiatus,

The link is below, and as usual, click the title to jump to hosting site in order to download.  Thanks for your patience and talk to you all tomorrow.  Enjoy the discussion!!! #ProPerspective

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