Tuesday, 15 September 2015

OFFSIDES...The PodCast, Episode 12

Hello everyone!
Hope all is well...We're back and hitting you up with another edition of our OFFSIDES PodCast, and this show has plenty of stuff to get at!
In Lieu of Arash Madani reporting on the RUMOURED problems in BC between the Players and the Head Coach (Jeff Tedford) we started off our 12th offering with a discussion about coaches and the importance of routine in a players life.  As I question the "old-school" mentality of a Coach of Tedfords status, Coach Etch also brings up a great point about some of the nuances to the Canadian Game that new coaches MUST take into consideration.  I think that you guys will be interested to hear his points.
Our Talk also gets into Coach Austin and his controversial 'bump' of veteran wide-out Dave Stala, and one of the many things that you'll take from that is that Austiin probably wouldn't have done that to anyone else in the CFL...it's a funny exchange.
I also ask Etch to name his ULTIMATE COACHING staff made up of only guys that are employed this year, and he lists off quite a crew!  I still like my selections, however Coaches values are really highlighted with some of the guys he would employ if he had the pick of the litter.
Todays PodCast finishes off with a central discussion on the Riders QB situation and how it differs from a Head Coaches viewpoint, and from that of a GM.  The Riders have quite a number of roads that they can travel from here on out, and the way we finish off our chat really encompasses a lot of what our Head Office and Coaching staff MAY BE thinking at this moment...
I had a great time going back and forth with Etch today and I hope you guys enjoy that topics we cover.
Check out the embedding show below.  I tell you every week, and I'll keep reminding you, that if you click the title, it'll take you to the host page where you can download the PodCast to take with you.
Thank you for all your overwhelming support for the things that we're trying to do here at ProPerspective...See you at Mosaic this weekend!!!

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