Friday, 25 September 2015

The Ole 96er!!!

"Football is a house of memories that you build over time to live in once you're older..."

One of my coaches used to remind us of that every now and then because he too had been on that journey. 


Some of my favourite football memories involve my dawg Scott Anthony Schultz, and I can't tell you guys how cool it is to see him take his place amongst the elite in the Saskatchewan Roughriders Plaza of Honour ceremony tonight.


Make no mistake.  Being inducted into the Plaza of Honour with Rider Great Tim McCray is a recognition of indelible on field contribution, and Scott Anthony Schultz was as tough as they come.  A TRUE BLUE COLLAR, KICK YOUR ASS NOSE TACKLE that poured every ounce of energy he had into protecting his A-Gap. 


#96 didn’t care for spin moves, or fancy footwork.  He knew his strengths and he played to them better than anyone else.  Get off the ball, and knock your opponent back…

It was that simple; but it was incredibly detailed at the same time.  

As soon as an Offensive Lineman would think that he had withstood the brunt of the attack, Schultzy (who used his hands incredibly well) would lift a wrist or centre a BULL RUSH that would eviscerate one’s Center of Gravity, and before one knew it, #96 would be in the backfield.  #WhoYouWit

But we all know that!!!  The Moose Jaw Stomp, the sound bites after the games, the intensity at which Scott played; all of that was a weekly occurrence, everyone got to witness that

It’s what you guys didn’t get a chance to see, and hear, in the locker room that made Schultzy so unique.  

That home of memories that I mentioned at the top?  Some of the best ones come from hanging with #96.  He was the ultimate locker room character…every team needs one.  We had one of the best; on and off the field.  


From letting a fart noise out to break the awkward silence of a coach cussing us out in the locker room for poor play; to telling the same joke 6 times just because one person laughed (politely) at it the first time, Scott was ALWAYS on.  


I sat beside him for 6 years!  Front row seat…You couldn’t get away with anything around #96…


I pulled out my cell phone once to make a call, and I overheard Scott scoffing to someone and rolling his eyes, “Hey, Hey, Pffft, look at JOHNNY TORONTO with all of his cell phone technology…Biiig Deal!”



Upon starting my first professional football game, nervous as hell, Scott leans over to me as we’re about to hit the field with a suspicious look on his face and goes, “Hey…This is a pretty big opportunity for you…DON’T F*CK IT UP!!!”  #NoPressure


We had thought we had seen it all as a team in 2005, until Scott broke up our Championship O vs. D Ping Pong Tourney Final by Streaking hilariously up and down the locker butt naked…#ThisIsA300PoundDT


Impressions of coaches??? Go ask Scott to do his Gary Etcheverry impression, or to give you a Ron Estay quote; then try not to fall out laughing…THESE ARE JUST A FEW OF MY MEMORIES…THAT I CAN ACTUALLY TELL YOU.  

You guys will get a chance to hear some of his other former teammates talk about Scott, and the recollections will always be the same...They’ll be funny, and they’ll always brings a smile to a guy’s face!  


For those lucky enough to play this game, at any level, one will run into distinctive individuals that leave a mark on one’s career.  It’s uncanny.  One may not even like the person at times but when one’s football days have ran their course and one sits back to reminisce about all the amazing things that they’ve experienced, there will always be one or two guys that will stick out.


Scott Anthony Schultz was that guy…From crashing around the mosh pit right as the team ran out of the tunnel, to sitting in his locker drinking beer in his pads long after the clean-up crew had left, Moose Jaw Saskatchewan’s finest left an unforgettable impression on teammates and opponents.  The guy was a BEAST on the field, and a GREAT teammate.


He’s probably nervous about tonight’s ceremony…I guess I can now return to him the same advice he extolled on me when I was a young pup…


"This is a pretty big opportunity Schultzy…Don’t F*ck it up!!!" #YAASSS


All kidding aside. Congratulations to Scott Schultz and his entire family.  This is a weekend that they'll never forget…For a guy that provided so many of us with some many memories, it’s only right that #96 gets to enjoy a moment for himself!








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