Saturday, 3 October 2015

Game Day...GOTTA HAVE IT!!!

279 and 6...
Those two numbers go hand in hand when we talk about the first two meetings between these Western Conference rivals. Over the course of BOTH games the Riders gave up a total of 279 yards IN PENALTIES to the Orange and Black! The result?...2 losses; each game by a Field Goals margin.

Week 15 finds both teams in VERY DIFFERENT places than they were when they first clashed in a back to back that took place in weeks 3 & 4. Injuries have decimated them and pundits have written them off. 

Somehow, BC looks a little worse for wear! It's hard to see a 2-11 team having the advantage over anyone, but on paper, and when we take momentum into account; the Riders may be the favourite.

Either way, if the Riders want to continue to hold out hope for a playoff berth and avenge the early season sweep that BC put on them, THEY MUST LEARN FROM THE PAST, AND REALIZE THAT ONE OR TWO GAFFS MAY COST THEM THE GAME AGAIN....GOTTA HAVE SMART FOOTBALL TODAY

It's great to be able to watch film of an opponent (as a player) and realize that you could have easily beat them if you had just played with more discipline and done one or two things with more control. By no stretch of the imagination is this team just going to walk in and blow the Leo's out, but there is enough evidence on film to support the case for victory of the team plays smart football.

The Lions are ripe for the picking. New QB, and a struggling Defense are highlights of their worries. There's a lot of talent on the roster but right now there's very little holding them together. If the Riders LEARN FROM EARLIER FILM, play smart, and cut out the donated yards and possessions through penalties, they'll continue to hold out hope for the future...

Realistically THEY GOTTA HAVE IT!!!!

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