Monday, 19 October 2015

Mailbag Monday!


Or maybe that was just me?  With the Rugby World Cup (ALL BLACK EVERYTHING) Baseball, CFL, College Football (Go STATE), PFC Playoff action (In Saskatchewan) and of course the NFL action that puts a cap on every weekend, I was literally catching up on my PVR'd events all of Sunday night!

The Green and White get back at it this week minus two integral parts of their locker room, Kevin Glenn and Jerome Messam, in a game that sees the ROLLING Edmonton Eskimos visiting Mosaic Stadium.  The trades that happened last week were the official announcement that the Saskatchewan Roughriders ship had set sail in a new direction.

Unfortunately the most alarming thing about this new direction is that we have yet to hear if the guy in charge of steering the ship right now (Jeremy O'Day), is going to be at the helm the entire way.  The President of the Green and White, Craig Reynolds is going to conduct a thorough procedure in order to fill the General Manager spot, so right now, there's still a fair amount of gray area that surrounds this franchise.

As players, all one can do is prepare for the next opponent, and put something on film that looks favourable in an evaluators mind.  The aspects of the game right now that ARE NOT in the players control are beginning to stack up, and it's going to be interesting to see how some guys are affected by everything that is going on around them on the weekend against the Esks.

Let's get into our questions for the week, shall we?

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  • What was your initial reaction to Glenn and Messam being traded?
I wasn't surprised at all.  I still look at this business from a players eyes, and the one thing that I know is that one can never be surprised by any moves at any point in time.  I built this immunity after watching deals like us (The Riders) shipping Kerry Joseph off after an MOP year and a Grey Cup victory in 2007.  It's something that a vet always used to tell me..."Never let this business surprise you."

Obviously the leadership that both guys brought over their time in a Rider uniform is unquestioned and, Mess especially, was one of the brighter points on this squad over the last two years.

The decisions were going to have to start somewhere in this organization, and if one looks at age, and opportunity, there was still some value in those guys that could be squeezed out before the team may have lost them for nothing at the end of the season.  I for one have championed Kevin Glenn, and still wish that he was in Green and White for the 2016 season but I'm really happy that he gets to go and compete for a team that still has an outside shot at getting into the playoffs.  KG is one of the good guys in this game, and I hope that he finds his way on to a championship squad before his career comes to an end. 

I'm also pumped up for Jerome Messam. He's got a shot to compete for a Grey Cup now and the CDN RB whose career used to be surrounded by questions refarding his maturity and character, has come a long way since getting a career reprieve a couple of years ago in Sask.  Guys grow up...its apparent that Mess has made some big strides off the field. Best of luck to him!!!

To finish...Never be surprised in this business.  You'll end up being disappointed every time.

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  • How LUCKY were your Spartans???
Luck had nothing to do with it.   Here's the bottom line.  It's a 60 minute game, and in that 60 minute game, which the Referees did their best to mess up, Michigan State led every category except rushing yards.  We won Time of possession, 1st downs, passing yards, overall yards and the TURNOVER battle.  I'll point out that if Michigan had actually won that game, they were the ones who would have been lucky.  NEVER GIVE UP...GO STATE!!!

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How hard will it be for Kevin Glenn to learn a new system in Montreal?

It shouldn't be hard at all! It's not like the Montreal Alouettes have a system in place that's set in stone. They've been juggling QBs all season long and trying to make things as simple as possible for the "next guy" stepping in to fill a void. The upside of having Glenn walk in to their dressing room is that he understands the basics of what CFL offenses need to accomplish in certain down and distance situations, and because he's been around the league so long, the terminology is the only thing he'll have to adjust to. When you play ball for as long as KG has, the X's and O's are all the same, the only thing that's different is the words by which they are delivered.
For instance: A route combination like running guys up the seams of the field may be called "Seattle" in Saskatchewan but a different coordinator may term it "Denver" on a different team.
They'll be able to install some pretty detailed concepts because of Kevin Glenn's experience moving forward in La Belle Province!


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